Help Mi phone doesn't start/charge after full discharge unless I use original cable


First of all I bought my first Xiaomi phone last week, a Mi 10T Lite, currently with MIUI 12.0.2.

Today the phone got fully discharged so I connected the charger. I'm using the original charger socket but with another/non-original cable (5A, purple colour on sockets) because it's longer. I left it for around 30 minutes like that and I couldn't ever turn it on. The LCD displayed a battery icon with a bolt symbol in it.

I swapped the cable for the original one (orange colour on sockets) and instead of a bolt symbol, it displayed 2% and I managed to turn it on.

After it was on, I swapped the cables again and it's charging normally.

What the heck?

TLDR: Phone doesn't charge if using a cable other than the original one but only when it's fully discharged. After turning the phone on, it charges just fine.


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
you can try a factory reset and see if it was just a software bug. if it still does this, then it might be a hardware issue....most likely your battery would be my guess.


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First, try to never run the battery completely dead.
It is good practice to not do that.

Second, regardless of quality, there will be voltage drop when you use a longer cord, so the device will charge slower- sometimes so much so that if you are using the device it cannot keep up with battery use.