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Micro-USB to HDMI tv-out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HappyBallz, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. gsmuk

    gsmuk Lurker

    i found this Micro USB to HDMI (MHL adapter) for i9100 HTC G14 ,HTC EVO 3D HTC SENSATION, HTC FLYER at mobilecode uk website this product.

    anyone found any similar product at better price?

  2. Sprint_Guy

    Sprint_Guy Lurker

    14 bucks

  3. bloodylipp

    bloodylipp Well-Known Member

    i know this is late. i have the cappy, and the skyrocket. the cappy is rooted and it does NOT support the micro to hdmi. If it does someone let me know i cant get it to work. it works fine on my skyrocket.
  4. Hey there, try this one out! I'm personally debating on whether to get this Samsung mini to HDMI or just an off brand mini to HDMI... this is the initial post so I have to repost the link....
  5. I believe only the expensive Samsung one charges while plugged in. The cheaper ones don't charge as far as I know. For galaxy Nexus

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