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MicroMax A56 Full ROM Dump

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BHARDIK, Aug 19, 2012.


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  2. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie

    first go to xda-developers and thak imetal1 because he's the one who got this. U copied his links. DONT FORGET TO THANK HIM
  3. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie

    We are continously trying to create a CWM for this device at xda. Having patience is the only option we have.
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    BHARDIK Newbie
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    1 now turn off your set and remove battery

    2 insert battery and pres and hold volume down button and then power on switch

    3 now hold only vlume down button and remove power switch now you show superfone ininja logo and hang ...dont be panic your set is on download mode

    4 now open command promt ( Press and hold windows key on keyboard + R then Hit Enter button)

    5 now check this command carefully ( cd.. = back from open directory )

    here is step by step commands
    if you not find this directory you have to Download Android SDK Tools search in google and find him
    then try agian

    here is screen shot





    now copy downloaded file on

    C://Program Files/Android/anndroid-sdk/platform-tools

    which file need to be copy

    boot.img = 10 mb size

    recovery.img = 10 mb size

    system.img = 200 mb size

    then type this command on command prompt

    fastboot flash boot boot.img = for flashing boot for your set is ot start perfect means hang on power on or hang on logo

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img = for flashing recovery if your recovery is damaged

    fastboot flash system system.img = for flashing system for restored default like purchased new

    type command as you want

    here is screen shot


    after that your set is restarted and you done your job,

    press THANKS button if you like my post
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  5. errhunter

    errhunter Lurker

    Need HELP
    I have Micromax A56 Ninja2.
    I am badly stuck, my phone is almost dead(just recovery working).
    The scene is,
    Today morning i rooted my phone using Unlock Root, it was success, in first try.
    Then i was planning for installing new ROM for that, so for that i installed Rom Manager, n then CW Recovery.
    After Installation of that, my Recovery(Vol - + Power on) was not working, it was getting stucked at Micromax image.

    to get my Recovery back, i came to this page, I made Flash recovery(fastboot.exe flash recoveryrecovery.img).
    It was succeed, n i had all working, Then I done big Mistake...
    I deleted MLauncher, to Maximize Internal Space, and while uninstalling Inbuilt scrape, i also uninstalled StatusBar.apk (stock Status bar), then my cell was like hail, i was not able to Plug in USB Mode, nor i was able to receive BT Files, coz all was in notification bar, which i dont had.
    Then i re-installed it from my backup of System apps, but then i thought of that i may had removed many other, without knowing,
    So i booted to recovery, selected, Factory Reset, and...
    AS it re-booted, i got Installation Wizard err, tht it has Closed Unexp'. then i forced Close it, i was able to lock and Unlock, as i unlock, i am at Blank Screen,.
    So i thought, i should do System Flash, so i downloaded above file, and typed
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flash system system.img
    and here is result, (Data Transfer Failure( too many links)) MmaxA56ErrSysimgFlash.png
    So now i am stuck at just at That Ninja2 animation,
    Any help will be helpful, and if more info needed, will give.,

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    ok if you have team viewer then contact me on yahoo !

    hardik_karmur is my chat id

    or try this

    you are stuck in so called "dead zone". Recommended ways to do it---

    1. try using another usb port on your laptop to connect the phone.
    2. try with another USB cable (from your friends NOKIA or SAMSUNG or HTC etc which fits in A56 jack) to connect the phone.
    3. Use a different pc to do it. Or format your entire C: drive and reinstall windows again( i.e make your existing pc new one) make sure you have all drivers and windows CD.
    4. Use a windows XP/vista machine....(or if you are on vista/xp then change to win7)
    5. open fastboot and when it says "waiting for device" then connect your phone. Dont connect it before hand.

    try all of these methods one by one. I guess fifth one you can try immediately.

    many devs believe that this problem is due to faulty fastboot.exe many belive that its because of "usb cable"...well you have to try all these one by one and do inform us what worked for you. As it will help us to definitely identify the prob. I think it is because of speed of the USB port. so trying on your friends pc will help. Also if you are on desktop then try using "rear ports" than "front ones" because rear ports are more fast!!
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  7. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie

    man what are u....u copy others and dont even thank them....u just copied this from imetal1's post at xda...???
    and its no the dead zone...
    he just deleted the important apks. he just need the flash to whole system with the rom dump.
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  8. rahi1994

    rahi1994 Lurker

    hello i have also this phone and as same as you , i could't open my recovery mode. BUT WHEN i tried for fastboot flash its shows "waiting for device" in my pc nothing happened what can i do , i had already put in downloading mode ie by vol- and power and when vibrate then i stop holding power button then a "SUPERFONE NINJA" SCREEN STUCK . I'm i correct or not PLEASE HELP ME
  9. rahi1994

    rahi1994 Lurker

    Please upload an image of downloading mode of a56
  10. rahi1994

    rahi1994 Lurker

    Hey did your problem solved , now i have same problem as you ie system.img failed to sending please help me

    BHARDIK Newbie
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    dear just remove usb cable from pc also phone, then change your USB port and just plug in to direct on motherboard ports ,

    then only do this =
    put your set in download mode
    first plug in USB to pc then,
    plug usb cable on your set

    now type this on command prompt
    fastboot flash system system.img

    if not success

    try again and again , but if you fail then try by first step do again
    like remove usb from pc and set also
    then plug in again

    or try to flash recovery and boot image first then try to flash system.img your succeeded. i tested it many time on my own set , and that benefit is now your set has more free memory in phone memory , that means you install more application on your set.
  12. rahi1994

    rahi1994 Lurker

    did you tried installing system.img because boot.img and recovery.img are easily flashed but in flashing system showed error in sending
  13. EarlyMon

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  14. RAHI18

    RAHI18 Lurker



    NOW You can repair your phone if you lost your rom data
  15. RAHI18

    RAHI18 Lurker

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  16. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
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    Your source for this please?
  17. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie

    some guy at gsm forum uploaded this. It is genuine i flashed it in my phone. It can be use in case of any mis-happening.
  18. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
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    A link would be good. ;) :)
  19. suraj84

    suraj84 Newbie

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  20. gulluforever

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  21. jhakash98

    jhakash98 Lurker

    What happening guys
    Have the same problem like rahi1994

    i had already put in downloading mode ie by vol+ and power and when vibrate then i stop holding power button then a "SUPERFONE NINJA" SCREEN STUCK .

    Hey buddy RAHI18, can you plese give a complete guide to flash with the files with PC connected to phone.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    BHARDIK Newbie
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    yes i can do that for you but first download this file
    LQAEB19_2012-06-11_factory_update then extract it on Desktop then give me teamviwer ID and PW i am sure i can restore it.
  23. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie

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  24. RAHI18

    RAHI18 Lurker

    hello jhakash98
    download this genuine file :- LQAEB19_2012-06-11_factory_update.zip
    now 100% tested A56 ROM FACTORY UPDATE

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