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Micromax A56 Rooting Tutorial

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by anshubham, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    EDIT : I posted this rooting tutorial here in A52's forum because that time there was No forum for Micromax A56, but now there is one and here it is.

    Guys I have finally rooted my Micromax A56.
    Here's the tutorial :-
    1. Download Micromax A56 drivers from the official site.
    2. Download the attachment.
    3. You must have set-up ADB.

    I did it by using Unlockroot. You can either use unlockroot or SuperOneClick. Just copy the given file(attachment) "adb_usb" in C:\Users\(your username)\.android\
    and ur device will be listed in "adb devices" command. Now connect your device via usb(remember u must have enabled USB Debugging) Now open unlockroot and click on root. After completion phone will restart automatically. Then u'll find Superuser app in ur menu....ENJJJOOYYY...!!!! Install Busybox and Titanium Backup.
    Now do anything u can imagine. We've done it...thanks to commander670 and clement0324. xda rocks.

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  2. sandeepsihag

    sandeepsihag Lurker

    C:\Users\(your username)\.android\ and ur device will be listed in "adb devices" command.

    Please clear this step .android ,i am not finding any folder (.android) ????reply asap?
  3. seoguru

    seoguru Lurker

    I bought MMX A52 week ago and I am looking for rooting that phone. Google brings me here. Thank you Anshubhamji, in advance. I hope it work.
  4. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I haven't tried this on A52 but we can definelty try and see...
  5. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    See the Screenshot may sure u have proper drivers installed and u have set-up ADB. If u doesn't see ur device Micromax-A56 in adb devices command then u have done something wrong.


    View image: adb usb path
  6. sandeepsihag

    sandeepsihag Lurker

    Bhai....I am really frustrated...kuch samaj nahe aa raha..what to do....please give me some time and date so that i will chat with you live....that would me really helpfull for me......
    mein kahein na kahein kuch galti kar raha huin...so u will correct me ....waiting..
  7. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry man i cant chat with you live i rarely sit on my PC.
    I m giving you another link See that and try to understand the method its soooo easy. And Install And Set up ADB First.

    Tutorial xda - [Tutorial] [Root] Micromax A56 [SuperOneClick] [Drivers] - xda-developers

    ADB SETUP - [Guide]Setting up ADB and Fastboot - xda-developers

    Set up ADB and make sure you device is listed when you type "adb devices" command in cmd. Then use the unlockroot soft to root the fone. DONE. Make sure to install proper drivers get them from the Official site.
    Drivers Link - http://micromaxsuperfone.com/products/PDF/Drivers_A56.zip
  8. sandeepsihag

    sandeepsihag Lurker

    device is not listed when i am typing "adb devices" command in cmd......it came like this...


    Where i am doing wrong..and i installed micromax a56 drivers and double click on these...they are also not working ..

    and in device manager too i didnt saw my device attached only adb interface is something there.......

    how to create .android???

    thanks in advance...and srry
  9. daxie

    daxie Lurker

    I have taken the liberty of expanding upon anshubham's suggestions and commander670's XDA thread and creating an easy guide here! hope this helps and any suggestions/changes to it would be welcome!
  10. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Good.work..i appreciate this. :smokingsomb:

    follow the guide above given by daxie it is in detail. U'll understand it easily. :)
  11. sandeepsihag

    sandeepsihag Lurker

    Thanks Guys....But Still I am a few steps away from rooting my device.
    .Android Problem Solved Thanks alot Daxie and According to your Easy Guide I tried But At this step---

    Go to Other Devices > Micromax A56, right click on it and click on update driver.

    I am not finding Micromax A56 in device manager.
    See that ADB is successively installed...

    As I am new for Android So sorry guys but Well Known Player Of Windows..:p

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  12. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    connect ur phone right click on composite adb interface click update driver and and let it choose automatically.
    Now check the adb devices command it should show the device..at first if it doesn't shows the device type adb devices command again and it will show it.(It happened to me First time.)
    When ur device gets listed in cmd then forget everything, u r good to go. Just open unlockroot and click on root. U R ROOTED.
  13. daxie

    daxie Lurker

    That most probably means you haven't installed the A56 drivers yet, make sure you do this before you connect your device. Once you do this and connect your device to your PC, you should see it in the device manager but with incomplete drivers as anshubham says above. Then follow the step you have highlighted!
  14. sandeepsihag

    sandeepsihag Lurker

    choosen automatic..too window 7 choosen all drivers sucessfully widout any lag...and its not coming in other device option problem is that..its coming under portable device...
    can anyone please make driver installation tutorial so that I will correct myself or make a youtube video demanded by all 56 users bcz they all have same problems related to not listing in adb device command
    we r new in this android world.
  15. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    drivers are intalled u just check the adb devices command.
  16. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

  17. suraj84

    suraj84 Newbie

    Hey anshubham, thanks for your rooting tutorial. Can you tell me how to unroot micromax a56? I searched everywhere but didn't found. Can you tell me the whole process step by step? I'm kind of noob to this android thing. I want to unroot because only then the phone's guarantee will be valid and I don't want to lose it's guarantee.
  18. sandeepsihag

    sandeepsihag Lurker

    Buddy Today When I clicked unlocker....it display...install driver..it mean driver not installed properly...

    So I want only Driver Guide How to install that...in Window 7
  19. arnabghosh

    arnabghosh Member

    how to root micromax a52
  20. anshubham

    anshubham Newbie
    Thread Starter

    not known yet. But u can try A56 method if it gets listed in adb u can use unlockroot or superoneclick.
  21. kartikoli

    kartikoli Member

    this shit cant be rooted i am so frustrated that i am actually looking to sell the phone
  22. Dipil

    Dipil Lurker

    hello friends,
    I am new user .
    I don't know how to root my micromax A87 ninja4.
    Anyone help me...?
    Please give me full tutorial with some snap shot of screen ..
    plz .....
  23. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    Hi. I am also trying to figure out how to root a87. What I am facing problem is that my device is not listed by adb device command. All the rest of the things like sd card,tether..are working fine. I put adb-usb.ini file manually. But no change.can anyone help?
  24. sadham13

    sadham13 Lurker

    hey guys can anyone please add your micromax a57 rooting video tutorial..it will be lot easier..please..............micromax a57
  25. sree39

    sree39 Lurker


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