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Microphone Icon Missing for Speech to Text

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by franners, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. franners

    franners Member
    Thread Starter

    hello all, I'm happy with my Orange UK 2.1 updated Hero except I have no microphone icon on the popup keyboard for converting speech to text. Tried within Handcent and vanilla messages app and elsewhere.

    I have used this feature on a friend's unbranded Hero running 2.1 (in Egypt) so is it missing from Orange UK ROM or have I missed a settng for enabling it?

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  2. jenecio

    jenecio Lurker

    Haven't seen it also on my Samsung i5700. :(
  3. franners

    franners Member
    Thread Starter

    After checking some other threads, it seems loading Google Search by Voice from the Market helps (search for VOICE). If you get "recognizer not present" error do this and then use menu -> speak now not microphone icon and voice to text works OK, if you accept every third word is gibberish as OK that is.....

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