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Microphone not working, but speaker phone is!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gfsolutions, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. gfsolutions

    gfsolutions Lurker
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    This a wierd one. I have a GT-I5800 running Froyo. If I try to make, or receive calls, the microphone does not work (i.e. the other person cannot hear what I am saying). However, if I turn speaker phone on, then they can hear me! This leads me to believe its a software, rather than hardware issue.

    I have tried, without luck, to search for a solution to this, and have even considered a custom ROM, but have no idea as to which one would be best,

    I have also performed a factory reset to see if that would fix things, but it didn't (although I do have a much tidier phone now!).

    Does anyone have any solutions/suggestions to this? If it involves a custom ROM, then that's fine (although I haven't ever done that before, so a step by step would be very helpful!).

    It is very frustrating, epecially as my wife's phone (same make, model, firmware), is working with issue!


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  2. vanadriaan

    vanadriaan Lurker


    I'm having the same problem.
    Did you found any solution?


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