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MicroSD Card issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 4saken1, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. 4saken1

    4saken1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, quick question. Anytime I have to force restart my phone, or if I drop it and the back cover falls off and the battery comes out, I have to format my SD card. Its kind of frustrating, since it happens once a week at best. I have a class 10 16 gb SD card from Microcenter. Its nice having all the space, but I never get a chance to use more than a gig, before I find I have to format it again. I have tried my original card as well as a few others, with the same thing. :( Anyone have any ideas or suggestions, or am I just stuck with dealing with this? Thanks in advance for all your help and support that you all give on these forums. This is such an awesome place.

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  2. softtech

    softtech Android Enthusiast

    You might have a counterfeit card that actually has far less capacity than it claims to. This is not uncommon at all and what you describe is consistent with that.

    Try to store the full 16GB by copying files from a computer and then try to compare the files. If that doesn't work you may have been seriously ripped off.

    Good luck. I had to return a bogus 32GB card not too long ago and have yet to find one priced reasonably enough for me to buy to replace it...
  3. 4saken1

    4saken1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    no the space isnt the issue. like I said, I have tried numerous cards, they work great until I force restart phone or remove battery, then it says card is damaged or blank and needs formatted. I have used the card in many other devices with no issues at all.
  4. confed

    confed Android Expert

    what are you running on the phone? rooted? Basix? Electric Sheep Kernel?
  5. lingming

    lingming Member

    yea it has happen many time without dropping i went threw a few phone cause it got so hot and it wasnt even do anything it said card was dmg and i was going to take it out and look and when it came out it was soft got and it has happen a few times with different cards and phone so i just dont put a card in this one phone has cost me more money then its worth i never seen a phone as bad as this one
  6. TurnerJ

    TurnerJ Newbie

    If you haven't rooted the phone I would suggest going and collecting on your 1 year manufacturers warrenty. If it's not the card it's something wrong with the motherboard on the phone. You can try doing a soft reset on the phone to see if maybe there is a certain setting in the phone thats wrong. But most likely you just need to warrent it out.
  7. lingming

    lingming Member

    well its with all phone or all the phone here have the same thing over heating 4g just gone forever
  8. tiede

    tiede Android Expert

    Well, my phone never heated up enough to melt my sdcard.
    So no, not all phones here have a 'heating 4g gone forever'problem...
  9. redhook

    redhook Android Expert

  10. softtech

    softtech Android Enthusiast

    I got one for about the same price at Fry's Electronics recently - Patriot class 10 32 GB for $39.99 plus sales tax, if I remember correctly...

    No reader though...
  11. redhook

    redhook Android Expert

    That Patriot is very slow compared to the Lexar, I get around 32MB/sec read speeds. Benchmark your with SD Tools and you'll see you only get around 9MB/sec read speeds.
  12. softtech

    softtech Android Enthusiast

    Oh well. I thought class 10 meant class 10 and that this was pretty standard.

  13. redhook

    redhook Android Expert

    Class 10 refers to the sequential write speeds, should be at least 10MB/sec.
  14. smotpoker

    smotpoker Newbie

    I am having the same problem.

    Mine just says its been unexpectedly removed, then it remounts and then says its blank and needs to be formatted. I just pop it out, then pop it back in. It rescans and then usually works for about 5 minutes. Then does the same thing. It is extremely annoying. Most of my apps are on the card so they don't come up until I take it out and put it back in.

    I don't see any need to keep formatting I even tho it asks to do it.
  15. tiede

    tiede Android Expert

    Sounds like your sd card is going bad.
    Maybe it's time to buy a new one? Sorry. :(

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