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MicroSD card problem, Alcatel OT 995

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Michael Daisy, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Michael Daisy

    Michael Daisy Lurker
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    Hello guys, Michael here. :)

    I have a pretty big problem, but I'm sure I'll be able to get some help here. I've searched a lot of various forums, but still, I wasn't able to fix it. Here it is:

    Some time ago, I tried to flash a new rom with CWM recovery through install zip with sd card, and I got this text: "Can't mount SDcard", or smth like "can't read sdcard".
    You can say I was a bit worried, since I do this very oftenly, and, like usually, I did a complete wipe, including system and stuff like that.
    I started searching for a solution, and attempted various fixes, but none of them work. (Fixes like setting my sdcard from logical to primary, attempting to use some other cwm version etc.)
    And then another problem appeared. I realized I'm not able to copy files from my pc to my sd card, a message appeared: "the disk is write protected". Again, I attempted many different fixes (removing read protection through regedit, through cmd, tried to format...) Again, sadly, nothing worked.
    After a lot of tries to get something to work, it seemed I rendered the card completely unusable! I put it in another phone, and it said "card may be broken, attempt to format), and I wasn't even able to mount it anymore! Luckily, somehow, it got solved - I did this: I entered TWRP recovery and it, surprisingly, successfully formatted. Then I was able to mount it again, and I was even able to enter the option "install zip from SD card (from cwm)"!
    But, the problem that's keeping me from installing another ROM remained, I'm still not able to copy any files from my PC to my SD card.

    So now, I come here, with my final attempt to fix the problem, talking to you guys. I really think of this as the last resort, as I searched a lot of forums but wasn't able to find the answer. I apologize for the long text, but I hoped I explained clearly.

    Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance!

    Yours trully, Michael :)

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