Help Microsoft ActiveSync and Galaxy Ace

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum specifically to ask this question....

Currently I have an HTC Touch using Windows Mobile v.6 but it's time to upgrade to something better.

I'm very tempted by the Galaxy Ace as it seems to offer what I need in a phone except that it's Android not Windows Mobile which is where my question comes in.

I have ActiveSync already installed locally on my work pc so that my calendar, tasks etc (not email - I have no intention of having my work emails pop up on my phone!) sync across when I'm connected via USB (not an over-the-air set up).

This works great for me and I've googled whether ActiveSync can be used with Android and aparently it can, but all of the posts refer to EXCHANGE ActiveSync - is this different to a local installation of the software?

If it is; when I buy my new phone and I plug it in can I simply set it up as a new device for AS to sync or do I have to do something like the complicated hotmail to outlook set up that I read about in Razzmatazz's post on the subject?

AS auto detects my current phone when plugged into USB and syncs my calendar, tasks and contacts from Outlook which is what I am hoping it will do to my android, otherwise I'm stuck with buying another WM device which I don't want to do.

Thanks in advance,