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Microsoft Exchange Online services and i1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by awebb27, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. awebb27

    awebb27 Lurker
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    Anyone using Microsoft hosted exchange (Microsoft Exchange Online) services able to get their i1 device to sync with EAS? I'm able to integrate the EAS account on other Android OS devices (which I understand are a completely different Android OS version) such as Samsung Moment, HTC Evo, HTC Hero and even Droid X and on Windows Mobile 6 phones, however on the Motorola i1 upon entering the email address, server address, domain, username, password and select the boxes for "Use secure connection (SSL)" and "Accept all SSL certificates". I get error: " Authentication Error. Username, password and domain not match, please enter valid username, password and domain." I am positive the authentication credentials are correct since we are able to integrate on other phone models and I can complete a successful test using the Microsoft Remove Connectivity Analyzer. We have tried with and without domain as well as server address and server address IP all with the same error.

    Oh, and using Touchdown is not an option for us at this time.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Nhty

    Nhty Newbie

    your using wifi right?

    not the built in Iden network
  3. ndroid

    ndroid Newbie

  4. Skyeler

    Skyeler Newbie

    I personally have a HTC Hero, but 2 of my coworkers just got the i1 and I set everything up for them. Iwas able to sync contacts, email, and calendar to the microsoft exchange server with no problems. There is one problem that I have found which is a pretty big one. I can view the appointments on the phone from the exchange calendar and i can add an item on the phone and it shows up on the exchange calendar, but you can not edit an item that has been posted from the computer to the calendar. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. ProBasix

    ProBasix Lurker

    Tech support told us that Android phones require initial setup with a Gmail account before you can add other email accounts. We tried this and still cannot get our i1 to connect to Microsoft Online Services. I also just found out that it's running Android v1.5, not the current 2.2, and is still only communicating on Nextel's 2G network. We're within the 30 day purchase window and are planning to send the phone back. This is really disappointing. Nextel is really behind the curve unless you only want a durable plain-old-phone. They're good at THAT.
  6. Misbehavin'

    Misbehavin' Well-Known Member

    That is incorrect. I put two test units in the field, and connected them to our Exchange server before handing them to their owners. Neither had GMail before the owners received them. You do need a Google account before accessing some things, such as the Market, but it's not required for Exchange or other email.

    Contact your hosting company, as they should be able to provide you with the necessary entries to get mail to the device. You will connect to your email using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

    The i1 does run 1.5, however the OS has been modified by Motorola, so it's not a typical 1.5 install. The Exchange support is better than vanilla 1.5. As for the assessment of Nextel in general, that's pretty spot on. It's something I've been fighting with for years at work. It's sometimes amazing how little Sprint cares for the Nextel segment.
  7. ccscentral

    ccscentral Lurker


    I just got the i1 on the BoostMobile network and trying to connect to MicrosoftOnline hosted exchange, and no matter what settings we plug into it, it will not conect or authenticate. Any ideas?
  8. Misbehavin'

    Misbehavin' Well-Known Member

    You mention "no matter what settings", so are you just shooting in the dark with the settings? The server name and other items will not be the same for everyone, as they are specific to the server/host. Many times people may use mail.whatever.com, or a similar configuration, but in reality they could use nearly anything they might possibly imagine.

    I'm not familar with Hosted Exchange, as we have Exchange in-house. However, I'm sure even hosted the server settings will vary between accounts or servers. Newer versions of exchange even offer Autoconfigure options.

    Your best bet is to contact your host's tech support. They should be able to assist you with the entries you require to setup your device.

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