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MidnightRom: Jellybean [MOVED]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xthedakmanx, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    AOKP, OverClocking, Max Battery life, JB 4.1.2, AWESOMENESS!

    I present to you all MidnightRomJ!

    Oh yes! MidnightRom JellyBean! With all of the awesome tweaks you'd come to expect from the MidnightRom line!


    To make things alot easier on me, I've moved this rom to a new home.

    It can now be found Here ^_^

    All support will be there from now on. I will still check these forums every once in awhile though

  2. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Android Expert
    Thread Starter


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  3. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Android Expert
    Thread Starter


    1.0.7 1/30/2013

    -Change touchscreen settings
    -Updated kernel to mac 3.2
    -SystemUI Shouldn't crash at first boot anymore(maybe)
    -Fixed camera (also maybe)
    -Fixed swagger toggle so it doesn't cause any crashes when trying to remove/move it
    -Integrated crossbreeder lag reduction (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2113150)

    1.0.6 1/22/2013

    -Change alarm back to JB version
    -Change effect_tick
    -Removed Apollo music app and replaced it with doubletwist
    -Hide VVM messages

    1.0.5 1/21/2013

    -Redid the camera to 4.2 (Forgot to do this when I went over to full aokp)
    -Changed the alarm/clock app
    -Changed keyboard to android 4.2 version
    -Full optimization of all system files for better memory load (png apk and ogg file compression)
    -Made my own gapps package that includes maps, gmail, and everything else. (All updated)

    1.0.4 1/20/2013
    -Fixed voicemail issue

    1.0.3 1/19/2013

    FULL wipe is recommended when upgrading to this version

    -Massive amount of misc system changes
    -Full AOKP Rom Control integrated
    -UI Changes
    -Fixed version number display again
    -Bluetooth audio streaming fix (maybe?)
    -Fixed Torch toggle
    -Changed audio app (apollo)
    -Added Awesome Beats, MusicFX, and DSP manager (settings are in settings-sound)
    -Removed "Ac!d audio" from the installer
    -Fixed brightness modes crash
    -Changed calculator to CM10 version
    -Changed default ringer and notification sound
    -Fixed performance changing issues in the options
    -Added new file manager that actually works (original one didn't work right with JB)

    1.0.2 1/18/2013

    -Removed duplicate apps
    -Removed File Manager
    -Added libflashplayer.so
    -Removed AC!D audio (was causing issues)
    -Small MMS change

    1.0.1 1/16/2013

    -Fixed some force close issues (gmail for instance)
    -System file changes to improve stability
    -Integrated AC!D Audio system
    -SystemUI Changes
    -Fixed build number display
    -Removed Entropy Seeder
    -Integrated tons of customization options
    -Bunch of other stuff I can't remember >.<

    1.0.0 1/15/2013

    -First release! Thank you beta testers!
  4. adamhos1234

    adamhos1234 Android Expert

  5. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Android Expert

    This is awesome dude I'll flash when I get time. ^_^
  6. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    I wanna beta test! I'd pm but. Posting here is easier xD
  7. dro420jr

    dro420jr Newbie

    Assuming S-off is one of the requirements to flash, correct?
  8. mands386

    mands386 Member

    Yes I've been wanting a jelly bean ROM with ur tweaks!!! Can u give us a date??
  9. Anonymo

    Anonymo Member

    I'd rather have it when it's ready. :smokingsomb:
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  10. nerdmastax

    nerdmastax Well-Known Member

    stability, jelly bean? heck yeah ill test run your rom into the ground, i use my phone more than alot of people here to the max and your roms just work. i use gps, music and video 8 hours straight a day at work delivering delicious pizzas.
  11. fightinglee

    fightinglee Newbie

    Midnight JellyBeans? I'm definitely in for gobbling those down.
  12. xstefen

    xstefen Android Expert

    Did you pull from the slimbean source b/c I thought according to their team that
    As per the Slim ROM team, no ports based on my ROM zip or their ROM zip at all! Their manifest is updated regularly and they encourage building from source.
    Btw you're sexy, Midnight 1.4.9 is quite blazing
  13. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    It will be flashable using s-on as well

    Few days. I'm running it right now and it's great ^_^

    Said it's BASED on slimbean and the other works of team D.I.R.T :p It's mostly built from source, with files from tons of different roms built in
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  14. wer

    wer Member

    will the battery life be as good as the other midnight roms ?
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  15. edgara7x

    edgara7x Member

    Beta tester:

    booted up just fine.
    screen is very responsive. Better than any other JB roms ive tried.
    3G works, sms works, camera works, gallery would open up but would not show my pictures.
    After turning on wifi and downloading some apps, wifi broke and wouldnt turn on anymore.
    thats as far as ive gotten

    Did a battery pull and now WIFI and gallery work. I can comfirm MMS works on both receiving and sending!
    Not sure about 4G yet, since the closest tower is about a 20 minute ride from here (I live in La Quinta CA and I get 4G in Cathedral City)
    I will be using this ROM for some days and test it out. So far so good!!

    Sidenote: I recall seeing a post somewhere in this forum about the JB camera apk. Since xthedakmanx said to me that the camera is sluggish, would it be a good idea to flash the zip and then using the camera?? Im not a dev, im just a Flashaholic, though I can stand my ground in a convo about dev/flashing :p
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  16. xstefen

    xstefen Android Expert

    Matters not to me, Just saving you a headache ;)
  17. edgara7x

    edgara7x Member

    i second this motion
  18. ochenta

    ochenta Well-Known Member

    Sounds really promising, thanks for giving us a preview. There are always going to be bugs at the beginning of a project like this, thankfully xthedakmanx is a killer dev. Can't wait for this to progress, I'll certainly be trying it.
    edgara7x likes this.
  19. edgara7x

    edgara7x Member

    seems like a battery pull did the trick!
    check out my updated comment! :D

    EDIT: Wifi still breaks after its turned on. Itll connect but then it breaks. Wont turn off and Settings FC
  20. edgara7x

    edgara7x Member

    Yeah theres a bug. After wifi breaks, so does Mobile Data.
    Tried turning both of em off, but a soon as i press the back button, they stay on.
  21. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    I'm gonna flash this ROM in a minute. As far as the wifi/mobile data...may or may not be a kernel issue...
  22. edgara7x

    edgara7x Member

    thats what i though, i used the stock kernel this came with. What kernel would you flash?
  23. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Well, I just downloaded (literally) 24 apps and no issues at all with the data like you mentioned...did you do a full wipe?

    And if all else fails, buttered toast ;) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1927837

    Edit: Random reboot while scrolling around the screen. Lol. Oops. My phone couldn't handle my scrolling skillz, yo.
  24. edgara7x

    edgara7x Member

    Yes i did a full wipe.
    maybe its just my luck -_- haha.
    overall its a pretty promising ROM. ill just wait til all these lil bugs are worked on.
    Ill be using g60madmens JB to get familiar with it, since data keeps dropping on mine :p

    Also, how is that kernel working for ya?
    battery wise!
  25. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Its great for my needs. I don't over clock too much really. So it lasts for me

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