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migrate from iphone to Galaxy S3

Discussion in 'What Device Should I Buy?' started by morgangdfp, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. morgangdfp

    morgangdfp New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 25, 2013
    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and also to android. Actually I am not even an android user yet but I am seriously considering becoming one.
    I have been an iphone user for several years now, I have an iphone 3GS 32 Gb that just broke down completely. My employer now lets me choose between an iphone 4S 16 Gb or a Samsung Galaxy S3.
    I would like to try out the SG3 but I am also a bit scared. I've decided to list up the things which I have been using with my iphone and then hopefully you guys can tell me if Android is offering alternatives. Ok, here we go:

    on my macbook pro I have a program called notes that I regularly open up and write stuff in. Shopping list, reminders etc etc. This note is then seamlessly synced to my ipod touch and my iphone.

    i have a large collection of music on my iTunes and I am syncing some artists to my iphone but I am starting to use spotify more and more so I guess iTunes integration is not that important for me anymore, but it would still be nice to have.

    imessage is an Apple service that is integrated into all their devices now. If I send an SMS to a friend who has an iphone they will receive it as an imessage instead. If I receive an imessage from someone I will be able to read it on either my iphone, ipod touch or macbook pro. I guess I will not be able to use that if I switch to android.. But I could use whatsapp instead I suppose.. or facebook chat..

    contacts / calender
    All my contacts are synced to my address book on my macbook. and also on icloud of course. Whenever I add a contact on my computer, my other devices also gets updated.. My calender works the same way of course. If I add a event in my calender it gets synced to all my devices..
    i have read that this will also keep working seamlessly with android.. Please confirm this..

    Outlook 2010
    Through work I have an outlook 2010 account that I use for mail, meetings and calender events. Whenever I get invitation to a meeting I get this as an event in my iphone calender and I can reply from there. Of course mail is also synced. if I delete a mail on my iphone it disappears from my outlook exchange server as well.
    I trust that this will work the same way with an SG3?
    One thing which bugs me about the iphone is that the attachements in emails gets placed at the bottom of the mail. So that if I get a long mail thread I have to scroll forever to get to the attachments.
    How is the mail attachement handling on the SG3? better I hope.

    internet tethering
    If I am somewhere where there is no wifi and I need internet on my macbook I can just connect my iphone
    and it will start to share internet connection from that. Either by the USB cable or bluetooth.
    Will this be just as easy with an SG3 as well?

    Locked screen notifications
    I like to have all my notifications (email, SMS, facebook messages etc) on the locked screen so that I can see them easily and quickly.

    Do not disturb feature
    This feature is something that I use a lot. I am spending a lot of time in different time zones and with the "do not disturb" feature I can schedule so that between 23 PM and 8 AM I will not be disturbed by emails or phone calls etc. I can make exceptions so that my girlfriend is allowed to disturb me for example but no one else.

    Is there a alternative to reminders on Android and can they be location based? so that I will get an alert to do something when I am at a certain place?

    Hmm.. ok, I can't think of anything more at the moment, I'm sorry for making such a long thread and I hope that at least a few of you guys have taken the time to read through it.
    Thankful for any help I can get.


  2. morgangdfp

    morgangdfp New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 25, 2013
    hmm.. no one? come on guys, help me out here..
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Jun 30, 2011
    1. EverNote, SpringPad, OneNote, Catch, GoogleDocs....

    2. iSyncr

    3. iMessaging service cannot be accessed from Android.

    4. You should use Google Contacts and Google Calendar.

    5. Yes it will work the same way. Just sync Outlook to Google.

    6. Android has had this feature for like a year before iPhone did. And yes its as easy. Just connect and click tether.

    7. Yes the SIII has it. You can also modify the lockscreen to your liking.

    8. Not sure if its built in on the SIII, but Llama and Tasker can do this.

    9. Llama can do location based stuff.
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  4. morgangdfp

    morgangdfp New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 25, 2013
    thank you so much. I will try this SGIII out I think..

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