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General Migrate from Windows Mobile to Android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by choonhooi, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. choonhooi

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    Hi, I have been using WM smartphone (O2 Atom) for the past 8 yrs or so, with all my contacts, calendar, notes and tasks, sync'ed nicely with my outlook on my PC.

    Recently, I just got an android phone (Samsung 551), and I having a lot of problems transferring my contacts, calendar, etc to from the O2 to the Samsung.

    First, I used the Kies from Samsung to sync, and I have lots of problem. Tho it managed to sync, I am getting a lot of duplicates in the contact list, and duplicates in the calendar. Worst thing is, after the sync'ing, the next time i sync to my outlook on PC, the outlook itself got duplicates. Maybe becos the android do a sync back to outlook with those duplicates. Then, when the outlook syncs with my WM, my WM got duplicates too. I got to disconnect the android, and load in any WM sw to remove the duplicates manually.

    Other than this, I found that Kies hangs occationally. I tried other sync sw as well, like Android-Sync, but it seems very slow. I also tried MyPhoneExplorer, and that doesnt work too well either.

    Any1 has any suggestions, what is the best way to transfer my contacts and calendar from WM to android?



  2. Njcellgeek74

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  3. mll

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    I must say I'm quite disappointed by the way Outlook synchronization is supported :
    - by the phone builder : Samsung's Kies is a piece of crap regarding Outlook synchronization
    - by the OS writer : Android includes no built-in way of synchronizing directly the android to the PC

    So I went in the process of trying to sync my Desktop *and* Laptop Outlooks with my android in a seamless way (at least as seamless as ActiveSync used to do).

    It's a harder task than finding the Holy Grail...

    I've tested maybe a dozen options, both free and paying.
    As of today, I've given up on making a direct sync between my Outlooks and the phone, and I think the best way (or rather, the "least bad way") is to sync my Outlooks with Google's cloud (google mail contacts, google calendar).

    I feel I'm pretty close to my purpose; I can keep you updated of my final choice if you want.

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