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Migrating from Eris to Incredible -end user experience

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mxyzptlk, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Mxyzptlk

    Mxyzptlk Lurker
    Thread Starter

    First off let me just say I love my Eris. It was my first real smartphone (Jan 2010) and finally "got it" after fighting the system "why do I need all that on a phone"

    The Eris made me realize (for better or for worse) how connected I can be and I quickly became a follower which led me to this fine site.

    I did all the fun things, rooted it, then applied 2.1 leak 3 (which unrooted phone :( and all was good in the universe. Until of course the talk of Froyo 2.2 promising 10.1 flash support.

    My browsing history goes like this - PSP, Nokia N800, Eris. It was not until browsing with the Eris that I actually felt like browsing was acceptable. Google has done an amazing job with browser sizing, pinching, resizing. Leaps and bounds above the crude psp and n800.

    However, many of the sites I visit are very flash intensive. And well Apple can wait for the mighty HTML5 transition but I cannot.

    So I went to ebay and found a local seller here in Michigan who was selling a used Incredible that was in "Mint" condition. Well you all probably know how that goes, it is always a gamble but the user had good feedback and well.. that is how I got my Eris so jumped in at 397.00 used Incredible with free ship.

    I ordered this last Friday morning and was praying that I would get this Saturday (USPS) With the ring of the doorbell at 4:30pm my prayers were answered.

    It was shipped in in a yellow bubble lined shipping envelope and was way to thin to contain a box. Not that the description said it would be but the caution flags went up. I opened the envelope to reveal a bubble wrapped Incredible with an AC charger (no USB) included. That was it

    I unwrapped the Incredible and immediatly scanned for surface scratches. None. :D The unit was sent as described "Mint" albeit no box, instructions, and no sd card (which I was a little bumbed about but his description did not list this either so I can live with it)

    I charged it up to full, rooted it with Unrevoked 3 (amazing and easy), downloaded the Froyo 2.2 with HTC sense leak and applied the update

    All went well, although it did take a final cold shutdown and startup to fully register with Verizon (could not browse until I did this which was not documented)

    So what I care about most here is the browsing experience and well... I can report that it is nothing short of incredible (sorry)

    For the first time I can view flash intensive sites (not in mobile view, in classic view) and I can finally view flash reviews/clips etc without having to revert to some arcane conversion. Its just like on the PC..

    You can feel the difference immediatly from the Eris where the Incredible is not waiting to render the page, its just waiting to get the information. This was on wifi, as 3g is still slow to load a classic page but still exceptable.

    Flash viewing was 90% that of my pc experience with the exception of flash controls which I could not figure out or they do not exist yet (example, fast forward, sound, quality, all of these would take a hovering mouse to access and no where to be found except for Pause.

    I feel that this will be addressed at some point where we can access the flash controls in the near future.

    It has just been great though to view a page, hit a flash clip of interest and have it just play.. Resize, landscape/portrait and all. I love it!

    As you would expect it is fast. Drilling down into the phone settings and menus which sometimes took 3 to 5 seconds with the Eris are gone. Super responsive everywhere you go on the phone.

    The sound coming from the external speaker is definite upgrade from the Eris. Sound coming from flash clips and youtube sounded much clearer and louder.

    Now the things I do not like about the Incredible

    The power button is on top like the Motorola droid. I liked the hard front button but am getting used to it

    The build quality of the Eris is superior. As many reviews of the Incredible have pointed out, it feels "cheap" It is lighter than the Eris and they replaced the comfortable rubberized coating with a more refined rubber plastic feeling coating. In addition, the top portion of the phone is piano black real plastic which further degrades the feel and adds to the cheapness. It also clicks and cracks (sound) when holding it in different ways as the backing does not fit super snug as the Eris does.

    Also no front camera which removes the possibility of skype driven video conference as our beloved iPhone 4 can now do (although I do not buy the FPS of the commercials, I am sure it is choppy as hell unless on wifi)

    Until Verizon hits 4g (or whatever the equivalent) we will not see a true 100% pc browsing experience outside of wifi. But its close now.

    So I just wanted to pass this along to fellow Eris users. I love my Eris and always will! Now I just wait for the Incredible to become End Of Life in a month or so which will start this all over again ;)


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  2. mc48

    mc48 Android Enthusiast

    good luck to you. I hope to upgrade to the Inc. in Sept and pass my Eris onto my son. What did you do with your Eris?
  3. Mxyzptlk

    Mxyzptlk Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I still have it, will probably sell it on eBay just to try to get some money back from the 400.00 incredible upgrade.

    BTW for all here, this was not a post to trumpet the purchase.. I paid a lot of money for both the Eris and Incredible in the last six months to get this (not eligible for upgrade till Dec 2010)

    I just wanted to point out my experience. And well it cost me A LOT of money.

    One more note the Flashlight app is awesome! Its installed by default with froyo
    You click on the flashlight and a picture of a flashlight comes on the screen but it illuminates the 2 flashes on the back for the camera. Pushing the flashlight on the screen results in different intensities of the camera flash resulting in ... well.. an adjustable intensity flashlight :)
  4. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert

    Verizon upgraded me to the DInc for free because of the problems I had with the Eris, also let me keep and sell my old Eris ($150 for it)

    had DInc for a week, love it, the camera lens is loose, so getting another brand new one sent by Wed of this week.
  5. Flyphoenix

    Flyphoenix Well-Known Member

    Congrats hope you enjoy your Inc!

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