Mar 11, 2011
I am thinking that the time is coming to upgrade my trusty Galaxy S8 and I have a couple of options in mind.....
  • Samsung A52
  • Xiaomi POCO F3
My question is around migrating from the S8 to new phone.

Will I need to manually set up new phone with apps, accounts, wallpaper, sounds, settings, contacts, etc? or is there a way to transfer them across. The phone is regularly backed up to my Samsung and Google accounts, if that helps.

I am guessing this would be easier if I move to another Samsung phone.
I am guessing this would be easier if I move to another Samsung phone.
This would be correct. Samsung does a good job of transferring. I'm not sure about Xiaomi, as I just haven't used one. I have had OK experience transferring from a Moto X4 phone to a Pixel, but I'm not sure how much of the was Pixel and how much was Google backup. I seem to remember a dongle provided with the pixel for transfer.
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with samsung you can use smart switch to backup and move everything to your new samsung phone.

can't say anything about Xiaomi as i have never seen or played with that phone.

I've used Smart-Switch several times in the past to migrate forward on Samsung phones. It even worked when migrating from a Moto DroidTurbo to S8 by installing Samsung Smart-Switch onto the Motorola phone just to see if it would work. And yes it did!
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Make sure you would be getting the newer A52s 5G, you probably meant this.

Poco F3 is a great phone from specs and reviews, and MIUI 12.5 is very impressive. I have a Poco F2 Pro so it's not much of an upgrade.
Some reviewers mention an issue with the proximity sensor during calls, others don't.

I can't advise on migration. I've had to set up 5 phones in the last 18 months (I still have 4), and it's mostly been a PITA except only once when Google tried to help, though it hadn't kicked in on the other occasions as it should. (Iirc - brain is fading)

Xiaomi to Xiaomi or Samsung to Samsung is made a little easier. I also saw that a 1st tier subscription to a Google One storage account offers more items backed up, but i have no experience with it. I've been considering the cheap 100gb extra online storage anyway.

I'm a fan of Xiaomi, I have two bought 1 year ago.
However the A52S 5G seems an excellent all around choice, even if it hasn't got the full SD870 grunt of the Poco F3.
In the UK I can get the Poco F3 for around £280 for 128gb, 330 something for the 256gb version.

The Samsung A52s started at £400 odd but it came down to around £360 last weekend.

I would also consider the new Xiaomi 11T (or 11T Pro if you can stretch further).
Xiaomi will offer 3 years OS and 4 years monthly patches updates on their new 11T models and the revamped Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (formerly Mi model branding). Poco F3 and all other models up to now have sufficient but erratic and shorter updates.

Samsung now give similar promises on their new and A and S series at least.

Possibly overall the A52S 5g is a great package.

:oops: Not directly what you were asking, but I'm always interesting IMV :)
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