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Milestone or Nexus One?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by epuiatti, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I posted this before but got no responses...Hopefully i will this time.

    I am due for an upgrade and know i cant get either a Milestone or a Nexus One from Orange UK but i plan to upgrade to their most valuable phone, unlock it and sell it on on ebay and put the cash towards either. But my problem is that i dont know which device to go for... I currently have a G1 (HTC Dream) and really like the physical keyboard, but i heard that the Milestone/Droid keyboard is not very easy to use... Is this true? I also read that the same issues facing the Droid are also present on the Milestone (Camera not focusing every 24.5 days, lagging when switching home screen etc) does anyone know when the update will be coming out and if it majorly affects the use of the phone... In summary, should i:

    A) Buy a Milestone

    B) Wait for Nexus One (and hopefully(but unlikely) get an invite))

    C) Wait for the next Android device (I expect there to be a wave of 2.1 devices being released in 2010(although i maybe wrong...)(??HTC Passion??))

    Many Thanks and a Happy New Year to all.

  2. imac

    imac Newbie

    The Milestone keyboard is easy and fun to use - my opinion !
  3. celios

    celios Well-Known Member

    For me, the choice boils down to:

    You want a physical keyboard = Milestone
    You don't care about a physical keyboard = Nexus One / something else

    I use my Milestone for email quite a bit and online form filling and I find the physical keyboard essential. I can type faster and with greater accuracy on the hard keyboard than the soft one, so I will not be buying any phone without a hard keyboard. I find the Milestone keyboard to be fine = it's not a laptop, but after a day or two it's not as bad as the reviews make out.
  4. eachna

    eachna Newbie

    I agree that the choice boils down to the keyboard...do you want a real keyboard or is the soft keyboard good enough?

    I bought a Milestone and I honestly love it. But, I didn't realize how nice the keyboard on the G1 was until I passed it on and bought the Milestone.

    Some caveats about the keyboard:

    1) The keys are all flat, makes it a little harder to type. The G1 has slightly rounded/domed keys and it really makes a difference for the positive. I don't know what phone you're coming from but if you have a really nice typing keyboard you'll probably "miss" it which may dampen the "Wow" factor of the Milestone.

    2) There's no number row. People who type passwords with letters and numbers will quickly get used to using the soft keyboard to type them in.

    3) My phone is a German model and I have a QUERTZ keyboard instead of QUERTY. I'm not sure what top row the English phones have. It took me about 5 days to get used to typing with the Y in the "wrong" spot. Now I can switch from the hard to soft keyboard and not even think about where "Y" should be on either.

    Having said all that the phone is AWESOME. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. What I found for the first week or so was that I loved it but was swearing every time I opened the keyboard until I got used to hitting ALT twice for numbers and/or finding "y". Now I still love it, but I only use the keyboard for texting or other heavy typing. I use the soft keyboard for username/password entry.

    So, almost a month later I get to LOVE my phone and be used to the keyboard. I guess that's the best you can say about it, you'll get used to it.

  5. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Like i said ive got a rooted G1 at the moment, and after the recent release of the Nexus One pricing plans ive decided to go with the Milestone, and hopefullly 2.1 will make it faster.
  6. mpmilestogo

    mpmilestogo Newbie

    I gave the Nexus One some thought. A friend at Google may make an invite available if they are not public in January. I also have a milestone. I could like both I guess :). The milestone is a very nice phone but it needs an update. Some things don't work right and some of the buglets from the Droid are present on the Milestone. Just a few basic things to consider:

    1) until recently we did not really know how the Milestone would get updated if you bought it from a place like expansys or amazon. Would motorola do OTA, would google update it, would you download a zip update? We believe from the user forum for milestone that motorola hosts, that it will be delivered truly OTA by servers that motorola will provide.

    2) the bugs like camera auto-focus, issues with battery life, exchange issues with opening attachments are all present on the milestone. These should be addressed with the update. However, there will also be bugs with the Nexus One most likely. Bugs is bugs.

    3) The physical keyboard is nice on the milestone. I'm coming from a Hero and I appreciate it. But I like HTC's stance so I use the Hero with a custom MoDaCo ROM on it since I can travel with it, run the market enabler, etc.

    4) root on the milestone. I've seen root exploits already published for the Nexus One. The milestone root exploits may/may not work like the droid. Who knows? But one thing for certain. Travelers to India, Singapore, Hong Kong will need root to see paid or other apps on the market.

    So, as far as choosing goes; I am going to choose both. This is my robotic year coming up...
  7. JPedro

    JPedro Newbie

    The root on the Nexus is most likely not available on the public release version, since the phone that got rooted had an ENG SPL on it, with a special commando available.
    With that said, HTC phones usually does get rooted and so I guess its very probable that the Nexus will get rooted to.

    As for the Milestone in regards to root.
    Its assumed that the exploit that worked on the Droid should work on the Milestone to, since the firmware was patched after the Droid got rooted.
    And thereby the bug should be in the fw on your phone already, so as soon as a fw for the Milestone is released, it should be possible redo the Droid exploit on the Milestone.
  8. iamdroid

    iamdroid Lurker

    I would like Milestone with physical keyboard.
  9. francofs

    francofs Lurker

    Well, neither Droid or Nexus One support multitouch. Milestone does.

    So, its not only about the keyboard. Its also about the multitouch.

    I own Milestone and I am pretty happy with it, I have minor issues with it:
    - Camera autofocus. Still waiting for 2.0.1 to get this fixed, in Brazil didn't get the OTA update yet.
    - Unable to disable 3G. I found a workaround to disable internet so I don't run out of my internet plan, but it would be nice to have a switch 3G off option.
  10. mpmilestogo

    mpmilestogo Newbie

    There is an app in the market called apndroid I believe that is a widget that can turn the mobile internet on and off. I use it with success on the milestone on ATT's edge network.
  11. celios

    celios Well-Known Member

  12. francofs

    francofs Lurker

  13. ratcom

    ratcom Lurker

    I'm stuck between getting Milestone or Nexus too. The milestone ticks every box for me with the one exception of custom roms (root). This is the only thing that holds me back getting the milestone. Now if there was a larger "developers scene" for the milestone I'd jump! However it looks like all the developers are jumping on the Nexus wagon which means that handset will not go stale for the next few years :rolleyes:

    So do I choose with my heart and pick the "milestone" only to get bored with it in a few months.....

    Or do I choose with my head and get a nexus one which I'll flash and re-flash for the next year or so.....

    Hmmmmm.... Oh and I've got a overdue upgrade with vodafone Uk doing nothing at the moment which is not helping :)
  14. francofs

    francofs Lurker

    Milestone and Nexus One use same OS (Android 2.0 & Android 2.1), so you shouldn't worry about applications, most of them should work on both, as Milestone will also get the Android 2.1 update.

    Edit: Sorry, didn't get what you meant first. But I do beleive we will have root for Milestone too, its just too early to say

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