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Apr 24, 2011
how does minfreemanager work & what r the best numbers to set it at & what presets: custom ,aggresive?
Posted this yesterday, found the thread while it was fresh in my mind :p
Download and install Minfreemanager. Set Hidden App to 30, Content Provider to 60, and Empty App to 90. Hit the menu key and then presets. Then hit save current as custom. Now hit the menu key and hit apply.

From now on when you turn your phone on just go to the app, hit menu, hit presets, hit custom, and hit apply.
Should speed it up some.

Aggressive, etc don't worry about. You are saving one into the "custom" slot so you can just choose custom when need to use it instead of putting the numbers in manually
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Kills apps that are running in the background automatically once they reach a certain point of memory usage