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Mini-review of Let's Golf

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by spottyelephant, May 25, 2010.

  1. Jedii

    Jedii Android Expert

    LOL. Okay....how do i pirate it????


  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Android Expert

    Don't ask that question here.
  3. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast

    Another positive thing I'd like to add is that the multiplayer is cross compatible with the iPhone/iPod touch version.

    I was playing my wife earlier via Wifi and it worked flawlessly. If only Gameloft were better at supporting Android I'd highly recommend this game. :(
  4. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I took the plunge and got this game. I will not buy another game from them unless they sell through the market and allow reinstalls. I had terrible WM flashbacks from my Dash days.

    As far as the game is concerned, it reminds me of Hotshots golf, but the ball physics when reacting to the ground is not quite as good. Also, sometimes you will be penalized for landing in water with none around where you landed.

    Still, great game that they are losing thousands of dollars in sales with, since not in the market where it belongs. Many people will miss out on a great game, unless Gameloft gets a clue.
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

  6. svecias

    svecias Lurker

  7. alberdw1985

    alberdw1985 Lurker

    I have tested this my self and it does work. At least it did on my HTC EVO

    You can backup your copy of this app.

    here is how

    after the game install for the first time on your device upon first load it will prompt you that it needs to download additional data to run on your device the data it is downloading in located on your SD-card
    " (sdcard)\gameloft\games\letsgolf "
    what you need to do is copy that directory to a folder on your computer for safe keeping.
    the second part is to save a copy of the .apk file that was pushed to your phone upon purchase of the game. That file is located on your SD-card as well
    "(sdcard\download\gameloft.apk)" (this location is assuming that you have not previously installed any other gameloft games that were pushed to your phone via SMS. If you have more that one .apk file with the name gameloft and don't know which one if for letsgolf you can re-download it by clicking on the link that was emailed to you when you purchased the game. i recommend using your Computer to re-download the file just click the link in you email and same the file in a safe place on your computer.) i recommend renaming it to letsgolf.apk and plasing it in the directory directly above the letsgolf directory you saved earlier (example c:\android games\Let's Golf\letsgolf.apk) = apk file
    (example c:\android games\Let's Golf\letsgolf\) = directory that we saved

    Once you have the files save on you computer you can safely remove the game from you phone at anytime to reinstall it just put the .apk and the lets golf directory back on your SD card when you want to reinstall then

    I use apk manager to install all my .apk files

    well i hope this helps
  8. Quboid

    Quboid Android Enthusiast

    I was wondering how GameLoft is now. Them not being on the market is a shame but not, for me, a deal breaker. Android is about doing it your own way and if that's their way, I respect that ... but still want customer service!

    Does that backup allow you to run it on another phone (a upgrade, not pirating!)?

    What do you mean?
  9. alberdw1985

    alberdw1985 Lurker

    sorry typo " I use apk manager to install all my .apk files"
  10. alberdw1985

    alberdw1985 Lurker

    i am not sure if it will work on another phone or not, i assume that it might, i would give it a try to see if it work you would of course have to have previously saved the file before you get the new handset, i have no real way to test this so if you have a android handset with the game working on it and you are planning on upgrading to a new handset I would give it a try just install the .apk file on the new phone and run it once you will get the message
    " this is not an original copy of LetsGolf" close the game and remount the SD-card to your computer, copy the saved letsgolf directory into the gameloft\games\ directory on your phone and then unmount the SD-card from you computer and launch the game let me know if it works

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