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mini-SD card and Oovoo problem--!!! Mid 9742 Android 4.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cailuqin, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. cailuqin

    cailuqin Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, everyone

    Got my mid 9742 two weeks ago, very happy with video, audio and 9.7'' size. However, there are 2 problems bothering me, I am the first time android user, not sure is tablet's problem or not.
    1. mini SD card. I bought a 32 g mini sd card, mid 9742 recognized it right away, but when I tried to copy a picture from the internal storage to the mini SD card, it won't work. However, it seems I can copy somthing from mini SD card to the internal storage. I use ES File Explorer.
    2. I am so happy with mid 9742, I bought two of them. I use them to try oovoo, when I use one to call the other, both of them will make "chiping" sounds but no showing live picture or voice.

    Again, I am the first time android user, These are probably not tablet's problems. Thank you very much if anyone can help me fix these problems.

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  2. SonySony

    SonySony Member

  3. mk168

    mk168 Lurker

    I also has the same sc card problem, cannot write or delete files, it works well in other device.:mad:
  4. cailuqin

    cailuqin Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I talked with Coby support, they told me the current solution for micro SD card problem is to connect the tablet with a PC, the internal storage and the micro SD card will appear as two separate removable drive in your pc, then you can move files around. Well, it's better than nothing, but I hope they can fix the problem and allow tranfer files between the internal storage and micro SC freely without the PC.
  5. mk168

    mk168 Lurker

    It is so annoying, even their mp4 player can transfer files between device and micro sc card but tablet cannot.:mad:
  6. mk168

    mk168 Lurker

    I mean transfer file without connect to PC. thanks anyway
  7. The Coby KYROS MID-9742 tablet can only use a mini-sd card up to 16GB and no more

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