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Mini USB to HDMI output

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nypdauxx, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. nypdauxx

    nypdauxx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i heard android supports this feature so i was just wondering if anyone thinks it would be possible with a mini usb to hdmi wire and maybe a application together, to be able to output display from the nexus 7 to a tv. after doing some research i seen that others have sucessfully did this on other devices. any ideas??

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  2. jhsrennie

    jhsrennie Android Enthusiast

    I don't think the N7 supports this. It requires a protocol called MHL and posts in this forum suggest that this isn't available on the N7.
  3. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    yes unfortunately i have read that also...i wanted nesoid running in the living room :)
  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    It's not just a protocol, it requires hardware in the device... which the N7 doesn't have.

    It's almost certainly a cost issue; the hardware costs money, the HDMI licensing fees cost money, and the tablet is already being sold for no profit.
  5. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Android Expert

    ^ Correct. MHL isn't supported on the Nexus 7.

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