Help Minimalist Home Replacement?


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So I've been messing around with some home replacements but not really digging them for one reason or another. It occurs to me that I only want them for one reason: more home screen panels.

Is there a home replacement (maybe what I'm talking about isn't even a replacement) that will allow me to just increase the number of home screens I have? The one big stipulation is that it has to work with stock widgets. I don't know if this is even possible... thoughts?

I find that I like the sort of spartan Android interface, and I'm not interested in flashy skins or anything. Does anyone else want this sort of thing, or am I just weird?

Clarification: Ideally, I wouldn't want the Android UI changed in any way except for the additional home screens.


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Just and fyi, while pandahome does give you the ability to increase to 11 homescreens, I had it on 9 and it was crashing constantly. I brought it back down to 7 and things are a bit smoother albeit with still some less frequent crashing.
I saw another thread that asked a similiar question but it only got answered with pandahome GDE home++ etc
looks like ur only bet is an entire homescreen app instead of minimalist add homescreens app


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its amazing
minimalistic and you can have up to 7 homescreens
I tried it, but some widgets (facebook, twidroid, music) didn't work properly. Also, is there a way to remove the "Power Strip" from the bottom and put the app drawer back in? To clarify, I want a home replacement that doesn't touch the UI at all, except to add more home screen panels.
You might be weird, but you're not alone. I'm on the lookout for the same thing.
Maybe if more people are into this a developer might show up and offer to work on it. I'd definitely pay a few bucks for this.