minimum calling plan/features for Droid


Hi there,

I'm new to the forums and (will be) new to the Droid soon if I go ahead with it...

I have somehow managed to keep my very basic "America's Calling" plan from verizon. I am now month-to-month so eligible for new every two. Also, my husband is month-to-month with AT + T and we're considering switching us both to Verizon... my question:

When I switch him, I presume we HAVE to sign a new contract. If we do, do I also have to upgrade to a newer / better/ bigger contract. i.e., would we better off NOT doing a contract and just buying the phone (he doesn't want a droid, he likes the thin moto razr or something). And will the droid work and do everything cool it does without a fuller bigger better plan!?

Sorry, not sure I'm articulating right... I'm trying to find out the bottom line... what will it cost me to upgrade from one verizon EnV on a great/cheap plan and one AT+T basic plan to two phones on verizon, one a droid, one more basic. Or at least... what are the options... thanks!