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Sep 9, 2008
Nashville, TN
Please observe the following minimum requirements for posting an application announcement in this section from here on out:

1) Please include in the thread title the title of the application as well as decent category identifier.

Angry Birds [GAME]
ConnectBot [App]
ConnectBot [Tools]

or even:
  • App
  • Game
  • Utility
  • Lockscreen
  • Theme
  • Wallpaper
  • Other

2) Description of the application and any hardware/software restriction if there are any.

3) One or Two Screenshot(s).

4) Apps listed must appear in the Play Store or the Amazon App Store.

5) Per our Site Rules, one thread per app, per developer please. (**see footnote)
In other words, each app will have its own thread, and any updates to the app, or discussion about the app will take place in that thread.
You have another app to promote? Start another thread! ;)

6) Of course, the link to your game in the PlayStore or your dev website (with the PS link).

If you want the title of your thread to either reflect the name of your new/updated app or perhaps "Games/Apps by (name of dev)", you can easily edit the title.
Just go to the top of your thread, and just above your first post you will see a tab "Thread Tools". Click on it, and the drop down that appears will list the options to edit:

It would be polite to include a QR code but this isn't required.
Also, please post direct links to the PlayStore or Amazon or your dev redirects through adfly or the like.

This is to make the section a little less trashy and a little more useful. Please meet these requirements, they shouldn't be to hard to meet for anyone who has created an application :)


** policy change as of October 13th, 2015. We used to allow one thread per dev and have all apps by the developer in one thread.

Now we relaxed that a bit to allow one app per thread per dev.:)
If you have already posted numerous apps in one thread and would like to separate those, please contact a moderator and we can do that for you.
Or you can simply report your own thread and request what you desire.
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