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Jul 5, 2015
I've just acquired a reconditioned Pixel 3 and am trying to figure out a few things. Apparently, this model didn't come with a manual and guessing hasn't solved my problems yet!

This morning, I had a bit of a mishap that has me puzzled. I simply turned on my phone swiped left a couple of times to look at news headlines, then swiped right again a couple of times to get back to my apps. Suddenly, all my apps appeared to be gone and nothing I could think of would bring them back. Finally, I restarted the phone and my apps were just the way I'd left them.

I'd like to figure out what happened so that I can avoid the stress of this situation in future. I assume I did something foolish and I'd like to avoid doing that again in future. Also, I'm betting there's an easier way to solve the problem than restarting the phone if I do that foolish thing again. Can anyone help solve this mystery?
do you means the shortcuts on the home screen disappeared? maybe you swiped to an open home page with no apps on it yet.

you may want to try a different launcher than the one the pixel has. i love Nova which is free, but the Nova Prime which is $4.99(i think and is a one time payment) unlocks so much more customization. been running it on all of my previous android devices.

Nova Launcher:

Nova Prime (key)

and some here like ADW, but i'm a Nova guy....lol
I really didn't understand what was happening: I just suddenly had no shortcuts and I couldn't swipe left or right any more. I can't imagine what I did to make everything go away like that.
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No, I didn't get the app drawer. The only thing I could get to was the settings and the screen that gives you the power off/restart option.
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I'll have to keep an eye on it then and maybe consider an alternate launcher. At least I know what failed now and one solution if it ever happens again.

Thanks for your assistance!
It shouldn't be a frequent occurence with the stock launcher. I don't think I've ever seen that happen myself, but I have seen it reported a time or two.
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