Help Minor problems with phone, dropped calls, etc

Since I have had my phone I have been having some problems with it. The biggest issue is that calls will drop. I will have a strong signal and yet the call will still drop. Also sometimes while on a call my phone will somehow get into airplane mode. Also sometimes when i wake my phone it says wait 30 seconds to use pattern unlock. This happens even if i haven't touched my phone in a while. It also is very laggy the first minute after start up.

If i go to verizon will they give me a new phone? Is there anything I can do to fix it myself? Will rooting fix these problems? Should I wait until 2.2 and see if it gets resolved? I need to figure that out soon because im going back to school in a few days and there is not a verizon store for miles.

Also if i do get a new phone is there a way to backup my old one so I do not have to download and tweak everything again?


I have been asking a lot of questions and you guys are great with answering!