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Missed appointments reminder list (that auto-reappoints it if not addressed aka:if i back out of it)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by smjm1982, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. smjm1982

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    Heres the thing...

    One thing i hate about the basic calendar & reminders is its either constantly in your face or falls behind forgotten. Once appointments fall behind, it is...
    1. easy to forget
    (as i have to choose agenda and look back) &
    2. a pain to reappoint to current or later.

    What i am asking, could you please create a "Missed Appointments" app that will work, coinceidedly with the regular calendar.

    After current reminders are shown, it would pop up with a list of all past appointments.

    I would check box the appointment(s) to make a choice with or select all and have 3 button choices to choose from..
    1. Reappoint for tomarrow {would change it to 24 hrs from current time},
    2. Edit Details -or-
    3. Permanently Delete

    Just backing out would by default, reappoint it to 30mins later
    (which should be able to be adjusted in the settings in case a different time is desired)

    Creating this app would address the single most annoying thing with the basic calendar.. numerous button presses to edit, choose a new time date and reappoint
    --this app makes it easy, just backing out reappoints it !!!


    Just wanted to say:
    I see all these apps on Google Play claiming to help never forget reminders but the appointments still fall behind. Much like the annoyance of having to go back to clean out email, going back to clean up old appointments doesn't make sense. They should either be gone or reappointed.

    This app would truly make sure there is never such a thing as an appointment time & dated in the past.. truly no missed appointments.

    Please !!! Thanks !!!!

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