Root Missed call


i have my phone rooted and got rid of all the unneeded apps that where there and i love it now. the only thing that i am trying to do now is when u miss a call this stupid thing pops up and says would you like to send a message and i always push no.. is there a way to turn this option off or what do i have to delete to get rid of it?


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I never got one of those.
Must have removed the right app early on.
I do not know which one serves that function......but it might be VM, VVM, My Verizon Mobile, or VZW SMS Filter Service.


Can't be those cause I get it and I have all of those removed as well. Hope I don't accidently remove it. I like the feature espeacially when I am in a meeting. Plus my girlfriend hates it when I do it to here a lot in row so maybe she will actually start to find out that she doesn't need to repeatidly call me when there no emergency and I'm busy. Man this phone does everything, now wheres the app to give women more sense all the time not just some times lol


its not when you miss a call, it happens when you decline a call.

when receiving a call you have the option to slide to the right to answer and left to decline. when you slide to the left it comes up with a popup. to send a message to the caller and its either OK or cancel.

i would love to get rid of that. i just want to decline a call and put it back into my holster, not answer any more prompts.

anyone have any ideas?


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What if you set power button as your hang up key? I do it that way and never see that pop up thing. Unrooted.