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missed green rectangle messaging app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by david099, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Dear All Federal Communication Commission employees: deaf users, HTC mytouch 4g had missed the specific green rectangle messaging app, missed vibration intensification that I told HTC report. I do not interest in blue/white rectangle message app. HTC is a full of witch hunt against deaf addresses! HTC hurts my feelings with their refusal offer us with vibration intensification for allowing deaf access. T-Mobile had lot full of witch hunt against me in higher price $49.99, add most witch hunt against charge of text messaging against me everyday, what great witch hunts against me in dumbest customer with T-Mobile, T-Mobile had totally full unfriendly against me everyday! T-Mobile made unwelcome me using T-Mobile account as they made me in bad customer addresses telling to judge at the court as forward report to Department of Justice addresses! I was not happy with HTC MyTouch 4G due of missed specific green rectangle messaging app as HTC hurts my feel telling the federal communication commission immediately!



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