Missing Apps in Market


Nov 12, 2009
Kansas City
I dont know if its just me or if anyone else is having the problem. Apps such as weatherbug, barcode scanner, pkt auctions, and amazon just to name a few.

I have even went back to the oringinal sprint ruu with not luck and then no luck with the OTA update. Can anyone try these apps and see if you have any luck.

Yep, I typed them correctly. I was just trouble shooting, and decided to create a new google account. With the new google account I could find those apps, but I want to use my original. I dont understand how the account can be causing this?
I found them as well. I have noticed that I can not find other apps, even though I scan the QR Code, it won't find it.
Well for me it has to do with something in my google account but I really dont know what it could be. Like I said before, switching to my other google account and the apps above show up. Really weird.
Which phone do you use? I use HTC Tattoo and I have a problem. the market site shows only the applications that developers have indicated that they are compatible with HTC tattoo, regardless of whether they really work or not.
actually it was the aosp 2.0 build on XDA... I was the one that confirmed the issue for fresh. Its really aggravating that I have to use a secondary gmail account just to get apps to show up.
Having a similar problem here - can't find Record It (for recording Sky+ programmes when away from home) anywhere on the Market. Tried searching, tried barcoding, tried finding the developer's other application and looking for things by the same person.....no joy.

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