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Missing Apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Boopolo, May 25, 2011.

  1. Boopolo

    Boopolo Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi there,

    I know there are a lot of missing app threads but coz of my situation im not sure if it is the same.

    Quick background
    1. Bought desire from UK
    2. Had it unlocked and got rid of the o2 stuff that came with it (im not sure whether this means flashed, different roms etc, im not clued up on this stuff, i jsut asked the guy to unlock it and get rid of the o2 stuff)
    3. Using phone in china

    I had it unlocked etc back in Nov 2010, and have done nothing to phone since, no updates, unless it automatically downlaoded.

    a few weeks ago, a lot of apps have gone missing in market, i wanted to update my apps but most of them dont show up anymore, angry bird included.

    Can someone tell me what i can do or if anything at all?
    By the way ive tried the reboot, clearing cache, uninstalling then reinstalling a free app etc

    A friend has jsut bought a desire hd and she also cannot view the apps i suggested to her which i now found out are missing in my apps.


  2. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Android Enthusiast

    I have a sneaking suspicion (though I could be wrong) that your problem may have something to do with your location, namely China.
  3. Boopolo

    Boopolo Member
    Thread Starter

    So if I put a non China sim card in would I solve the problem? Or go on an internet connection outside China?

    Also is my phone rooted? Or what do I call it since I've unlocked it and got rid of the branded 02 stuff?
  4. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Android Enthusiast

    Changing the sim card and using a network outside of China is worth a try.

    As for whether you're phone is rooted or not, that's easy to ascertain. Just go to your app drawer and see if you have a superuser app(see pic below). If you have, then you are rooted, if not, then your phone isn't rooted.

  5. Boopolo

    Boopolo Member
    Thread Starter

    So now i need to go outside china to update my apps or downlaod further apps? The apps that are available are rubbish ones and all the big popular ones are not on there anymore. That sucks!

    So no my phone isnt rooted then. what do i call it? Just unlocked and unbranded?
  6. Hippotech

    Hippotech Member

    Might be catch-22 but assuming you can get it installed, you could try :

    Market Enabler

    Not tried it myself :)

  7. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Android Enthusiast

    Yes that does suck. It's the way that China likes to control everything unfortunately.

    And yes, it looks like your phone is just debranded and unlocked.

    If you want to consider rooting, then look no further than SUroot's guide below.

  8. Boopolo

    Boopolo Member
    Thread Starter

    market enabler is for rooted phones only it seems and rooting?

    Read so much about it before but it all goes way over my head!

    im doubting it is solely coz of china coz literally most are missing and even simple chinese - english dictionaries are too. some things that are missing i cant see the reason for blocking these . A lot of the apps left that i can see have very low ratings and a lot are also koreans! strange!
  9. Boopolo

    Boopolo Member
    Thread Starter

    Right, An update if anyone is interested.

    Tried a UK sim and a lot of the apps appeared again in the market however some installed apps are not being recognised as being installed, eg. i ahve a pool game but on the market it says i am not installed (i installed via the market, not using apk)

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