Missing calls

Having a problem with my phone. Some calls are not going through and ringing. The missed calls also don't show up in my call log and callers aren't able to leave a voicemail message. This isn't all calls, just some. Would appreciate any advice.


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If a call doesn't connect to the phone at all then it can't ring or appear in the call log. So the only reason not to say "you were probably out of coverage" is the fact that they couldn't leave voicemail. Nevertheless it might be worth checking your settings, especially that "call forwarding when unreachable" is set to divert to your voicemail service number, since if that is not set correctly it would explain everything. (You can also test by turning your phone off and calling it from another phone).

Otherwise consider that the problem may be with your service provider rather than your phone, and speak to them. If it's only a particular person has the problem it might also be their phone or service.


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I cannot prove it but it may be due to carriers implementing various tools to prevent the scam calls. My carrier is VZW and recently they pushed out their Call Filter app to try to intercept such calls. I did download the update and have noticed an uptick in the number of times I see a call was received (in notifications) but phone never rang nor beeped.
Since this is something that I have no control over, I just call back the contact who called me; hoping that call connects. Alas, it is the ever escalating battle between the carriers and the scammer/spammer contingent.
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