Missing Download Booster in settings menu on SPRINT Note 4?

Anyone else having trouble finding the download booster setting? It allows faster downloads of larger files by using wi-fi and LTE. I swear I saw it when I first got phone but no more. Ideas? Sprint problem?


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I tried this and it worked! When I went back to TouchWiz I still had the icon at the top that shows LTE/WiFI download.

I use nova launcher.
1. Go to home screen.
2. Hold down your finger on the screen till menu pops up.
3. Click on Shortcuts.
4. Click on Activities.
5. Scroll down to "Settings"
6. Scroll through the list till you find Download Booster. Click on it.
7. Now you will have a shortcut on your home screen that will take you to the download booster settings screen.
8. Enable download booster.


Us Cellular version has this. In main settings, connections section. I click on more networks and download booster is in there. There's also download booster button in notification toggles.