Help Missing Facebook Calendar


Android Version:2.1
Network:US Cellular
Taskiller Used?:?
[Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom:?

I recently upgraded the facebook app that was pre-installed to the one in the market. Initially the birthdays from facebook appeared in the calendar and when viewing calendars there was one called Facebook.

I set up a shared google calendar and wiped out the calendar data and the facebook birthday dates are gone. I have tried several times to uninstall the new facebook and reinstall with no success. I have also tried the other options of exporting birthdays from facebook into my google (PC) calendar wiht no success.

Can anyone help with adding the missing facebook calendar back into the phone?


Finally found a solution to restore the HTC Facebook Calendar after clearing the application data!

Go to menu, settings, Accounts & sync.
Open 'Facebook for HTC Sense' and Remove account.
Return to Accounts & sync, Add account, Facebook for HTC Sense.
After filling in your facebook account details, hit 'Sync now'.

Facebook should now appear under menu, more, Calendars in the HTC Calendar app. Ensure it is checked.

Hope this works for you, I've been trying to fix this for months...