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"Missing" Game help

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SLS0717, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. SLS0717

    SLS0717 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am stuck with the dart board... I am sure it has something to do with maybe like equations? But I cannot figure it out. And also the faucet.. It turns on but nothing happens..

    Email me at SLF0717@gmail.com

  2. tdavis42

    tdavis42 Guest

    Great game! You will get the answer you just need to give it some time. Its not a good game unless its challenging.

    BTW, do you know of any other escape games like this on the market?
  3. konnersmom

    konnersmom Lurker

    I'm stuck too!! Everyone talks about clay and a 2nd key and some wire game behind the curtain.. But I'm stumped!! Need a little help please?!?!?!? Have one key, the hanger hook, pliers, wire, and the battery.. Battery's in the dartboard.. Roman numeral thing done and light's lit.. But how I'm at a stand still! Anyone with a little advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks!:)
  4. konnersmom

    konnersmom Lurker

    Ok got it all figured out to the wire part with the numbers.. Now I think I'm officially stuck!! lol Any help?
  5. rufneck

    rufneck Lurker

    Also stuck at the wires really need help been trying for over a week
  6. kalas1973

    kalas1973 Newbie

    I reset my game and now I can't find the clay again. Halp!
  7. nrthms

    nrthms Newbie

    Any help with missing 2
  8. kisame52

    kisame52 Lurker

    Can you tell me how to pass the wire part with the numbers plz lol
  9. nrthms

    nrthms Newbie

    From the red dot on the top left,

    if you start missing 2 new game i started a help forum on here

    R-Right U-Up D-Down L-LEFT
  10. hero_hont

    hero_hont Newbie

    Great game
    hello nrthms
    I miss my game, But your reply helped I finish that game.
    play game, that's wonderful..
    Thanks you, wishes your health and your success..;)

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  11. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

    Mystique has three chapters available. The first is free, the other two are a few bucks each.
  12. nrthms

    nrthms Newbie

    They have missing 2 out and I started a help forum here for it
  13. lilmama31

    lilmama31 Lurker

    I am stuck in the first room, I unlocked the piano and have no clue where to go from here help please.
  14. kaliasmommy10

    kaliasmommy10 Lurker

    I just need help period.. I'm stuck :(
  15. Finally finished it here is the walk through if anyone needs it.

    Walk Through for Missing.

    - Click top left part of the bed (obtain a Key)
    - Click under the bed near the inside of the left leg (obtain a ClockHand)
    - Turn to the Orange Pedestal area.
    - Click the lower right side area of the Orange box/pedestal (obtain Clay)
    - Turn to the Faucet Area.
    - Click the lower part of the glass cabinet (obtain Battery)
    - Equip the Key and open the bottom part of the cabinet (Obtain Pliers)
    - Click back
    - Click the dart board on the right of the cabinet and place the Battery you just got, in the bottom part of it. It will light up with red and green numbers.
    - Click back
    - Click the faucet on the right, equip the Pliers and remove the wire. (obtain Wire)
    - Turn the faucet on by touching the handle.
    - Click back
    - Turn to the Lockers.
    - Open the far left locker (obtain Blue Hanger)
    - Click lower left area on the left side of the locker.
    - Equip Clay and apply it to the space in the floor, you will then see the water flow to the right.
    - Click Back
    - If you click the upper area on the left side of the locker, this only is there to show the gap behind the lockers and there are no items here.
    - Click Back
    - Turn to the Green Curtain area.
    - Click the drain, you will see a Card Key under the drain.
    - Combine the Blue Hanger and the Pliers, (Obtain Hanger Hook)
    - Use the Blue Hanger Hook on faucet (obtain Card Key)
    - Click back then turn to the Faucet area.
    - Turn off faucet.
    - Turn to Orange Pedestal area.
    - Click white box
    - Use Pliers on the grey brackets on the left side of the white box.
    - Remove white cover
    - Apply the Clock Hand to the face of the clock. (obtain Old Key.)
    - Go to the Faucet Area
    - Click the top of the glass case and open the glass doors with the Old Key. (Obtain Cable)
    - Go to Orange Pedestal area
    - Click the dart board.
    - Adjust the board (by clicking the right side of the outter brown and tan ring) until the Roman numberal 2 (II) is in the top right or 1 O'clock postion. 4 Spins.
    - Adjust the first inner circle (again by click the right side of it) until the wheels spins about 9 turns. When you hit the right spot all the wheels will spin.
    - You will see the light in the bottom right go from grey to green.
    - Click back and tap the swiper thing with the Card Key DONT DONT SWIPE.... JUST TAP IT, game will shake / buzz.
    - Go to Green Curtain area and click the curtain.
    - Apply the Cable to the slot on the left above the dotted box, the light near the door will go red.
    - Combine the Wire and the Pliers, to get a bunch of little wires. (obtain Wires)
    - Equip the Wires and click the dotted box on the left side of the red light.
    - Wire pattern (think MineSweeper)... Start at top red dot in left upper corner...
    -->D R U R D R U R R D D L D L U L L D L D R D R U R D R R<--
    D=down; R=right; U=up; L=left Good luck!
    Now touch the gray door to the right of the box you were just at, dont click out of it.
    - Click the door you are free!
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  16. Vanquished

    Vanquished Android Expert

    Anyone have the appbrain link for this game? I can't seem to find it...
  17. Smoothkp

    Smoothkp Lurker

    Just started missing game. Got all the way to the card swipe and it wouldn't work. Got to the piano on trial version 2. Stuck. Which keys do I hit?

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