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Missing Google Voice Search Icon

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RaffiM, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. RaffiM

    RaffiM Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a Samsung Nexus S 4G (Sprint) and I am running Android ICS v4.0.4

    After being upgraded to ICS/4.0.4 just a few days ago I removed my Voice Search (NOT Voice Dialer) icon from my screen. After doing so, I disabled Google Search via "Manage apps" so that the search bar will no longer appear on my screens.

    Today I decided to add the Voice Search icon back and it is no longer available for me to add!

    I confirmed Voice Search is still installed. I am not sure if disabling Google Search had anything to do with the Voice Search icon going away but that is the only major change I made after removing the icon. All other changes I made were basic changes, i.e. adding and removing other icons and such.

    Solutions I tried:
    - I rebooted the phone: No change!
    - I enabled Google Search and rebooted again: No change!
    - With Google Search still enabled, I disabled Voice Search and rebooted and then enabled Voice Search: No change!, so I then rebooted the phone again: No change!

    Also, in addition to making sure the Voice Search app is still installed, I did confirm it is still working. I am able to launch it via the new search bar that came with ICS.

    So people, how do I get that darn icon back??? :)


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  2. Bob253

    Bob253 Well-Known Member

    LOL, same problem here as well.
    Did a search before posting saw this and so I am adding my request for help as well.

    Have a HTC Sensation, after ICS update the icon just showed a little droid and the words 'Initialising'.
    Settings, Apps, All - shows Voice search as installed.
    However when I go to add it to home page it is not showing in the list.
    Should add that I am also using Go Launcher, but it was working fine until ICS as far as I can remember.
    Google Play store is also showing it as installed but not offering an option to reinstall or delete/uninstall.

    Many thanks in advance.
  3. Polish Prince

    Polish Prince Newbie

    Give Nova Launcher a shot. It's similar to the stock ICS launcher, but has more options. 1 option in particular is to put that icon back on your screen as a "Nova Action".

  4. Bob253

    Bob253 Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for the post, I have had a look at Nova but alternate between Go launcher and ADW Launcher.

    I was hoping that there was a more simple / direct explanation as to why it was not showing and getting it back.
    Only ever used it in private but it was handy and to show off every once in a while :)
  5. cmedytrgdy

    cmedytrgdy Newbie

    I am using GO LAUNCHER on my Droid Razr

    This may work for all

    Put the WHITE Google search widget on your desktop and then resize it from left side to right so it's the size of 1 icon. You should see a little of the search window on the left so you can click it to search and you will see the full MIC icon which you can click on to voice search so it looks 90% the same as it did

    I hate the ICS update on the email and the dialer which no longer has contacts tab or ability to split RECENT into sub categories of MISSED, OUTGOING, INCOMING
  6. AndroiddQNA

    AndroiddQNA Lurker

    I am using android 4.0.4 update from Samsung on Galaxy Note, already had GO LAUNCHER installed - During the upgrade - Voice Search Icon turned into a little green man. If you hold down on the icon, it asks if you want to replace rename delete uninstall. Choose replace. Before this go out to google store on PC and find voice search (it will say installed) - right click in the microphone icon and email it to your google account, then download to your phone. When you choose Replace as I mentioned before, you are given the option to use your galary - go to galary and choose picture - worked like a charm - You may still have to rename the icon underneath "Voice Search" as I did.
  7. Joe Eris

    Joe Eris Android Enthusiast

    I found this. I did it & it works perfectly ; It's gone in ICS - but don't worry, there's a workaround.

    1. Download QuickShortcutMaker at Play 2. Click on the Activities tab 3. In the Input keyword to filter box put: Voice 4. Select Voice Search 5. There's a few Voice Search options, I think you'll want the 2nd one but you can click on Try to try it out. 6. Rename it or just click OK

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