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Missing Sync missing from market??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kazrell, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Kazrell

    Kazrell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded the missing sync from the market on Friday morning. I had to reset my handset because of the default settings of facebook doubled my contacts. Since setting the option of not to sync them doesn't take them away, I had to do a hard reset to get them out.

    I've downloaded most of my apps again, except Missing Sync. I can find it via the computer, but when I try to find it and download via either appbrain or directly from the market either I can't find it or it will not allow me to install the app with the following error -

    there are no matches in Android Market for the search: pname:com markspace.missingsync

    anyone know what's going on?


  2. Kazrell

    Kazrell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone have thrsame issue?
  3. bhallonline

    bhallonline Lurker

    We updated to version 1.4.1 on Saturday, and for some reason the EVO market won't show it, even though it appears on other devices we use for testing.

    We're trying to figure out/correct that right now.

    In the meantime, or should you ever run into this again, you can also download the APK file direct from our web site at http://www.markspace.com/apk/ms.apk
  4. bhallonline

    bhallonline Lurker

    Around the time you posted this, there were alot of problems with the marketplace.

    It eventually resolved, but if you are in this spot again for any reason (or any app), you should know that one nice thing about Android is that it allows you to download an app via a URL, rather than forciing you to use the market. We have a web page on how to do this for missing sync (with links to the applications we have -- Missing Sync, Fliq Notes, Fliq Calendar) at our web site for this very case.

    Of course our preference is for the market to always work trouble free, but history shows this seems to come up once every few months.
  5. reemas

    reemas Well-Known Member

    bhall, i PMed you as you mentioned, but haven't heard back. please let me know!

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