Mister Spaghetti - Chef it yourself!

Hi guys,
I would like to share this app with all community.

I attached below a brief description of main features taken from Android Market.

Mister Spaghetti is the ultimate and innovative app for pasta lovers. Mister Spaghetti is your personal assistant who helps you step by step in the creation of delicious and simple dishes.

Search thousands of recipies
Innovative timer
Augumented Reality

Starting from the available ingredients, Mister Spaghetti will suggest you a large range of recipes. Thanks to the innovative measurement technique (different for spaghetti and pasta) and to a built-in timer you will never miscalculate the size of your pasta serving and cooking times anymore! The use of the proximity sensor will allow you to disable the alarm without having to touch the screen but simply bringing the hand on the phone. In this way the user will able to use the application any time without running the risk of soiling screen.

Share recipes with your friends via email and on social networks!
Visit our page on Facebook or Google+ and post your recipies!.

The app offers user the ability to acess a video-recipe section with recipes in multiple languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish).

And for the Christmas times Mister Spaghetti has a special section of recipies that will allow you to impress guests!

We cannot reply to your comments in the Market so please send us an email or contact us on Facebook (or Google+) for any problems, we will reply as soon as possible.