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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by darby1canardly, Apr 19, 2012.

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    Having had a tablet as a Christmas present I have tried various ways to have it work as the computer I have been used to, namely Windows operating systems. It will be no surprise to Linux people how frustrating the Android operating system is to anyone only used to PCs running the Microsoft product. I must explain that I am not a complete computer 'newbie' as I have had various computers since the Commodore 64 days in the seventies. Mainly for the purpose of teaching myself basic programming, but I thought the days of entering long strings of code had passed with the introduction of graphic displays! How wrong can you be there are still techies who will throw out insults to anyone who has not been fed a diet of Linux commands. I have tried various Android forums to try to make my Arnova 10 g2 anything other than email or ebook reader. Even 'flashing' up-dated firmware yet still have to plug the thing into my PC to download software via the USB port. Plug in my 3 dongle to any of my Windows PCs and online in a matter of minutes, plug it into my Android device......nothing! Calling the latest operating system Ice Cream Sandwich does nothing to hope that there is any future for the Android operating system as a serious business tool?

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    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. The best place to find info and tips on your device would be inside the forum for your device.

    You can select your device model from the home-page here. Where you can interact with the other users -- who will give you help to get the best out of your device.

    I hope this place will serve you well.

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