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MixZing Upgrade: Awesome upgrade, well worth the price

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by DannyJd, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. DannyJd

    DannyJd Newbie
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    Dec 13, 2009

    As if the ad-supported version of the MixZing Player wasn't enough, the Upgrade provides even more worthwhile functionality to the music player. We already know Mixzing allows you to create different playlists, download album art, and has 3 different widgets to choose for your home screen; the Upgrade adds the functionality of editing the tags on each song, which really helps if you are loading music from a backup CD or an otherwise authorized website. Further to that, there is now a lock screen widget that is available. If you are listening, you can now control the music without having the pass the lock screen and navigate to the music! If functions similar to the stock music application but provides the album artwork to make a more esthetically pleasing experience.

    Other optional settings:
    - Waking the phone and display the widget when you music changes
    - Having Mixzing recommend songs that you may like, based on your listening habits
    - Auto-creation of playlists, adding in the recommended songs
    - Enable gestures to change tracks in the play-back screen and lock screen widget
    - Sync your library with Facebook so friends can see your collection

    - Battery use. The more intuitive the widget, the more battery it eats up. Plus, the more album art it needs to download will also drain the battery, although you can adjust the settings to download art on WiFi only.
    - Recommends songs already in your library; doesn't really offer insight to other similar bands/artists
    - Price: $6.99 is a bit steep, but those who want a supreme player, it's well worth it


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