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MMGuardian GCM ID errors

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RuLEoF2, Feb 14, 2016.

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    Hello all...

    Has anyone else had GCM (Google cloud messaging) ID errors with the M8?

    I recently bought my son an HTC Desire 526 and being that he's 11, it was empirical that I have some kind of parental control/monitoring software installed. So, I went with MMGuardian which appears to be an awesome app except that in my case, it keeps having these GCM ID errors.

    I've been in contact with their tech support and they can't nail it down. They're leaning towards it being a phone model compatibility issue because they say that they haven't seen this problem before. Keep in mind that I have a few other client apps that use GCM and they have no issues. Also, my wife has a Galaxy S5 and the app works fine for her.

    Now, my phone is rooted (s-off) so I've been able to try just about everything.
    • Cleared data on MMGardian
    • Cleared data on Google Play
    • Cleared data on Play Services
    • Uninstalled/reinstalled MMGuardian
    • Cleared cache partition in recovery
    • Cleared dalvik cache in recovery
    My last experiment after restoring the phone was safe mode. With Titanium Backup, I'm able to change MMGuardian to a system app so it stays functional in safe mode. Still no dice. Same error.

    Below is a screenshot. If anyone has had this issue or heard of it, please reply.

    Thank you.

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  2. I’ve had the same problem but this is what I’m getting on mine

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