Root MMM. Yummy Froyo Sense


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there too far away from everyday use for me (which is same reason I didn't start using froyo celb until v2.0, kaos until v30 and nonsensikal until v4.6). Several months from now I forsee giving them a try (though I dont forsee keeping it since the only thing about sense I like are a few exclusive widgets but I have learned to live without them for a long time now).


Other than the Wifi, this ROM is perfect! I have always HATED sense because of its lag and nonfunctional uses. With this ROM, everything FLIES and I have seen no lag so far. I love love love this ROM!!!


Cant wait til these roms get the working wifi and camera, other than that tenzo's works pretty smoothly, im loving the app sharing program, and the dark smoother htc widgets for mail and messages, looks alot better