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mmmm Kinda disapointing.... (PUBG Mobile)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ΩM€GA, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Ok so a week before black Friday I dropped my Essential Phone when I got into my car, funny thing is I didn't notice I had dropped the phone until I started driving, and unfortunately somehow I managed to ran it over...:nailbitingdroid:The Phone had a rubber case and one of those finger holders, so thanks to THAT finger holder I was expecting the worst, to my surprise the phone's screen wasn't broken (although a pressure point was a bit noticeable), and unfortunately the ceramic back did break where the sim tray is located, causing the sim reader to malfunction and making this phone useless... NOW, I contacted Essential and since my phone is still under warranty they agreed to replace the device for $199 which is NOT bad, but I haven't done it for the following reason:

    On black Friday I purchased the iPhone 6 which was on sale for $99, Now I'm a guy that likes to play a few games, and I've noticed something that kinda bothered me. The Game I play more is PUBG Mobile, and on the Essential phone I would always notice lag... stutter, it just wasn't all that smooth, not to mention the phone would get HOT, at first the game would start smooth, but after 5 minutes of game play it would seem the FPS would drop drastically, which I never understood why since the phone has great specs.

    Now today I installed PUBG Mobile on the iPhone 6, just as a curiosity to see how it would run....... I wasn't very hopeful.... and boy was i surprised! It runs, and it runs really good, and best of all it maintains a constant fps no mater if I'm playing for an hour straight...... how well does it run? well on the Essential it was HARD to shoot other players with a sniper due to the stutter, now its a piece of cake.....

    HOW, HOW can the iPhone 6 perform better than the Essential? I honestly don't understand it, I mean the Essential has great specs, wile the iPhone 6... well I mean it only has 1GB of ram.... idk.. THIS is were I need some help in making a decision, I DO wan't to replace the Essential phone, overall its a great phone, looks great and the quality is there, in the other hand I haven't had an iPhone since the IPhone 4s, this iPhone 6 was supposed to be a temporary phone until I got my replacement.... now I'm not so sure, I honestly feel like saving the $199 towards a newer iPhone (I can't believe I'm saying that).... what do you guys think? And why the low performance on the Essential??

    NOTE: Don't recommend me a Samsung device, there nice BUT I DON'T like the curve on the displays... TY!

  2. Davdi

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    Have a look at some other phones, Huawei, Oppo, Meizu and other Chinese OEMs make some nice ones, as do Sony. and don't be put off the idea of some of the lesser known Chinese OEMs. As you have a 'temporary' phone you're happy with, take some time choosing. Oh, and I'm with you on not wanting Samsung.
  3. Deleted User

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    Very odd. The Essential does indeed beat the iPhone's specs, hands down. I would have expected better performance from that phone. I wonder if the performance issues in that game are caused by network problems?
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  4. Hadron

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    Well it's worth remembering that there will not be one line of code in common between the iOS and Android apps, and the iOS developers have a small number of closely-related devices to consider when optimising. So there may well be differences in how well the app is optimised for the phone.

    Also Apple's custom SoCs do have very good GPUs. They are always about a year ahead of Qualcomm's, which are themselves rather better than the Mali's used by Huawei and in Samsung's Exynos processors.

    Between those two factors you can probably account for a lot. Don't bother comparing RAM, iPhones are always tight on that and the app will have been developed with that constraint (whereas their Android team probably don't care). And of course processing pixels while using a network connection will use power and so generate heat - your rubber case probably means that the phone will overheat and start throttling the SoC earlier as well.

    The question is, how does this game run on another s835 device (like a Pixel 2, or most 2018 flagships apart from Huawei and non-US Samsungs)? That would tell us whether what you see is unusual or just that the android version of this game is poorly coded (or poorly optimised for that SoC, but as the commonest flagship SoC of 2018 I'd call not optimising for that poor coding anyway).

    Actually I'm amazed Essential made you an offer. Being under warranty is irrelevant if you drive a car over the phone (warranties are for manufacturing defects and errors, not for misuse by the customer). There is a lot about that company that I like - shame there's no sign of a PH-2 in the near future.
  5. Deleted User

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    That's a good point. Abundance of resources, like RAM tend to breed programmer laziness, and lack of desire for optimisations. But it is an amazing difference, if indeed it does boil down to the difference in implementation on the two platforms. Quite an eye opener really.
  6. ΩM€GA

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    Well have been looking into other phones, the only phone that grabs my attention is the “Xiaomi Mi Mix 3” even GearBest had a flash sale on the device recently OR the Razer 2.

    No network problems Spectrum is my internet provider(200mps) and I have an AC1750 router, I’ve tested my internet for any issues and found none.

    Well after I made this post, I did a bit of research before falling asleep, turns out many big named apps are released on iOS first then later get released on android.. a good example would be Fortnite... kinda sucks, it did mention apps getting optimized for iOS and didn’t mention anything about android

    Well this morning I went over to my brothers place and grabbed his S8+ since the Essential has the same snapdragon CPU/GPU, every time we played he never complained so I was a bit curious.... The FIRST thing I noticed, PUBG on the S8+ looks way to pixelated even with antialiasing on, wile the essential looks sharp, crisp even without antialiasing, another win for the essential (Smaller screen.. idk). Well I started playing... and although there ARE some occasional lags and stutters, the game Is far more playable than the essential, I would love to say 90% of the time I’m lag/stutter free with the S8+..not to mention NO heat. Later tonight I’ll be paying BestBuy a visit, and will be installing the game on a newer Samsung device.

    Gaming on a phone unlike many folks out there is a bit important to me, not just for fun, it makes breaks and lunch time go way faster during work ;) and as a side note, the Essential would still get hot and lag even without the rubber case, I’m going to factory reset the Essential, and install all updates, see if that makes a difference.
  7. Hadron

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    Can you check the game settings on the S8? Just wondering whether it's been set to (or defaults to) a lower resolution, which would both explain the pixellation effect you saw and influence playing speed.

    Actually that's another big thing to consider: the Essential PH-1 has more than 3 times as many pixels in its display as an iPhone 6 (1312x2560 vs 750x1334), so the cpu and gpu have to work a lot harder if you are displaying at full resolution. Even scaled down to 1080p it would be more than double the number of pixels the iPhone 6 has to process. That is going to make a big difference to the speed and processing requirements (i.e. heat production).
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  8. ΩM€GA

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    Yes I checked the graphical settings on his device, I even compared both the S8+ and the Essential side by side in the same graphical settings (HDR to SMOOTH) and the Essential is under performing, the biggest difference is when both devices are set to SMOOTH and the FRAME RATE is set to extreme, the S8+ is ultra smooth with a few hiccups here and there, wile the Essential is struggling HARD, On the S8+ it would seem it gets over 60 FPS at the lowest, wile the Essential feels like its running at a constant 30 FPS with stuttering....

    THAT is something I completely forgot, so for now lets put the iPhone 6 out of the picture.. :p
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