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mms 2.2 (froyo) problem?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BillytheKid, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Member
    Thread Starter

    i really hope someone can help me figure this out...i have seen some people have a problem and some not so im hoping we can figure out why some of us are having problems....i have tried 2 different froyo roms (both w/out sense, maybe something wrong there) and i have tried stock messenger, handcent, and chomp and none of them will send or receive a mms....please someone help!

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  2. Boomstk

    Boomstk Well-Known Member

    It's only happening with froyo roms and nothing else? I've been testing alot of the 2.2 ROMs and have not had a problem like that with any. Wish I could be of more assistance.
  3. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Member
    Thread Starter

    yea everything worked fine until i went to 2.2 roms...im wondering if it has anything to do with something i am restoring w/ titanium backup?

    ps...says generic network failure
  4. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I think you're onto something there. I am running the 7/27 leak with no fixes installed, just the ROM itself. When I transitioned, I wiped data/cache and then installed. When I used Titanium, I chose Restore all apps with data and on the next screen, chose "app only". I then scrolled down through the list and unchecked anything I didn't want to bring along with me including ALL INSTANCES of anything ending in 2.1-update1 or anything ending in 2.1.

    I ended up with a perfectly working version without having to apply any fixes.
  5. BillytheKid

    BillytheKid Member
    Thread Starter

    so should i just do a data wipe from recovery?
  6. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    Bump have the same problem
  7. mzratm

    mzratm Newbie

    I have the same problem here too!
  8. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    I am running virtuous 2.7...no idea why the hell this is happening...
  9. jiggaDROID

    jiggaDROID Well-Known Member

    So weird.. I'm running 2.7 and haven't had any issues whatsoever. Virtuous posted some 'extras' for like Evo MMS or something like that, did you try giving that a whirl to see if it would work?
  10. mzratm

    mzratm Newbie

    Yeah I'm also running virtuous 2.7, but restored back to the stock rom and still had the problem?
  11. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    tried it. also tried wiping data from messaging app...nothing working...also flashed ShadowROM (Stock Android) and was able to do MMS...did a wipe and re flashed virtuous....still no MMS...still get generic network failure.
  12. mzratm

    mzratm Newbie

    I just upgraded to 3.0 and that didn't change a thing either.
  13. sequre

    sequre Well-Known Member

    I am having the same problem but not running any custom ROMs. (It has been rooted w/ unrevoked). Generic Network Failure and sometimes eventually downloads a few hours later.
  14. mzratm

    mzratm Newbie

    I think titanium back up was messing mine up. After re-flashing my phone a few times, and having it still mess up I tried sending a pic before I ran titanium and it worked, so i just tried running only the missing apps and app data instead of system data too. It works just fine now.

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