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MMS automatic picture resizing, too small

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nikwashere, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. nikwashere

    nikwashere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    When I go to attach a picture file on my droid eris for a message, it automatically resizes it, only problem is, that the pictures were never too big to begin with, usually aroun100-300kb and then when it does resize it, it goes down to 12kb on average, a tiny picture with a big black frame on the screen. what gives?
    using stock message program. no other complaints about the message program, so not looking to switch.

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  2. nikwashere

    nikwashere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    basically, why does it resize down to 12kb or whatever when i have 1200kb available? how do I change this? is there a way to turn off automatic resizing?
  3. nikwashere

    nikwashere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    somebody has to have experienced the same thing, or know what's going on.
  4. nikwashere

    nikwashere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I found this on another site about the recent OTA update.

    One thing that I don’t care for: photo compression. Before the update, there would be times where a random pic would be too big to send as a pic message (ie where the pic would be over 1200 kb). After the update, no picture is ever too big. But the phone is compressing EVERY picture now, while before it didn’t. Why couldn’t they just have done the compression when necessary (if the pic is too big)? Now it seems as if the camera software (or is it the messaging software?) is thinking that every picture is over 1200 kb and automatically compressing it.
    Ugh, frustrating.

    looking back at old messages, I would agree that this compression issue is only happening since the update, my old sent pics were full sized.
  5. nikwashere

    nikwashere Lurker
    Thread Starter

    is there any way to revert to the OS before the update?
    don't think there is, but worth a shot.
  6. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    whats done is done. just wait for the next update. to me this MMS and Youtube stuff is the most obvious of mess ups and needs to be corrected soon. im waiting for some feedback from the companies, they are not gonna let this lil beast of a phone fall off the planet. im not blaming them for the bugs, i knew they'd be there, just some information that all will be well .. it'll save the verizon stores from dealing with these returns too.
  7. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know why when I send a text message or an email it automatically adds the phone number to my contact list? Is there a way for turning this off?
  8. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    oo that sucks, i think i get the option to add it i believe.
  9. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    Ya, Caddyman, it does stink. I hope there is a option for that in the settings somewhere. I can't find it though. Seems to me I saw something about that before in a thread or something. I tried searching for that.
  10. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    you're using the native app i think right? i use handcent, may be the difference, or i could be just wrong, but i thought i saw it ask me once.
  11. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    I was using Handcent, however I uninstalled it and am trying out the native app. I seem to like the native better with exception of this issue and sending mms messages to other carriers.
  12. sjrider

    sjrider Lurker

    @Nikwashere - Yea they resize them way too small. The way I've found around this is to send messages via gmail. If the receiver is on Verizon then it's just (phone number)@vzwpix.com

    I don't know what it would be for other carriers.
  13. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    so is this a bug from the update? or something that was done on purpose. i dont want ALL my images compressed and resized so small, i want some that dont need to be compressed to be the full image... anyone?
  14. colornshape

    colornshape Android Enthusiast

    This new picture resizing activity is most likely another attempt by Verizon to reduce data usage. I think they're probably doing everything they can in that vein to free up resources for more... homogeneous data coverage.

    I think they'll reverse a lot of these changes as they get their network capacity caught up to demand.

    Once 4G is implemented... well, I doubt they'll worry about data overuse after that.

    Not that I know anything.

  15. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    this was my train of thought too...

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