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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by a5pe4, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. a5pe4

    a5pe4 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So it looks at first glance like I can't receive picture messages. Is this a commonly known problem or just a personal issue?

  2. pandacookie

    pandacookie Panda-riffic!

    Just had my son send me an MMS. Works fine over here.
  3. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    You can't receive MMS from AT&T, that's an AT&T-VirginMobile issue, not a ROM issue.
  4. a5pe4

    a5pe4 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    ^ Definitely did not know that. Odd. But I actually got an MMS from a Sprint user. It says to download in my messages but nothing happens after 'downloading'
  5. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    I don't think there are any issues with Sprint users. The only advice I can give is a full wipe/format and reflash the ROM and gapps. Test it out with someone on another network first, it should be working.
  6. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Android Enthusiast

    Make sure you have 3g as well.
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  7. a5pe4

    a5pe4 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Oh yea I remember even before my MMS wouldn't work on wifi! Good advice. Will try that.
  8. jetfactor

    jetfactor Member

    okay. having issues with this now. i'm using go sms. 8/31 build of backside. can send picture messages out but cannot receive them... and this was from someone with t-mobile.

  9. weddle

    weddle Android Enthusiast

    would changing the user agent under the settings menu in messaging solve that? or is it unfixable?
  10. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    If you change the user agent, you won't be able to send mms via VM. It's an issue with VM and a couple of carriers, we are at VM's mercy on this one.
  11. Timm129

    Timm129 Member

    I'm running Harmonia and don't any problems with MMS pictures. I've gotten and sent to every carrier around .. AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint etc. The problem I have is with MMS video. I've been told that this is VM's problem and is SUPPOSED to be fixed (who knows when)
  12. jetfactor

    jetfactor Member

    switched from the 8/31 build of backside to the 8/09 build and picture messages work fine for me now.
  13. JerryScript

    JerryScript Android Expert

    The dev of Harmonia, LeslieAnn, is the one who posted about the issues with AT&T. If you don't have any problems with VM<>AT&T, consider yourself lucky!
  14. Timm129

    Timm129 Member

    Thats why I've been so reluctant to change to another ROM or even update Harmonia to 1.6
  15. cammykool

    cammykool Android Expert

    no issues here 919
  16. a5pe4

    a5pe4 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hmm I'm afraid to switch to the 9/19 build because some of the problems people are having. That and I haven't done the research on how to update ROMs.

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