Nov 13, 2009
Is this a known problem? I have tried recently to send a photo than I tried a ringtone all below 1mb. I am using Handcent but I tried it on the default message app and it just sits there with a swirling thing like it is sending but it never does. Am I missing something? Do I need to take it back?
Make sure your using the most up to date version of Handcent (I believe it is 2.9.21) because I know they were doing alot of work on MMS capabilities.

Also, I was having general MMS "issues" when I first picked up the Droid but I found that by updating all of my mobile numbers in my address book to the 1-312-555-1212 format my messaging issues were solved. I would take out the parentheses on the contact you want to message, like the format I described above, reset the phone and then try sending the photo again. If it works, update all of your contacts.

I updated mine by exporting a google.csv file from my gmail contacts. I did a "file - replace" using excel and then reimported my google contacts into gmail which then updated my Droid OTA. I reset the phone and Voila!
I tested it on one contact adding the 1 before the number and still didnt work. I am not sure how to reset the phone though? If I need to actually do that.
I ran some tests this morning and at least to my AT&T iPhone friends the MMS messages are getting thru but they do seem to be slow. Maybe 10 minutes or so later the message might pop up.
Problem is it did work before I know I used it. I tried uninstalling Handcent thinking that was the problem but it still didn't work. I am wondering should I call Verizon or take it back to them.