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MMS pictures not downloading

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AmbientBlu, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. 94SupraTT

    94SupraTT Member

    Add me to the list. I can't receive MMS at all on my Eris.

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  2. HotDawg

    HotDawg Android Enthusiast

    Same here, on Droid. I dread going to talk to Verizon, but I've had this issue for months and I've had enough. Sniff, I'd miss my Droid, but if they really feel giving me a new Droid 2 would fix the issue, I'd live. ;)
  3. droidgrrl

    droidgrrl Lurker

    Moto Droid here. Had a bunch of problems: headphone jack only played mono, mms would give me the stupid download button, and sms messages where sending and coming in late. I tried everything but a factory reset.

    The mms messages wouldn't download with the standard messaging app or with Chomp. Pissed me off beyond belief. Then when I was on the phone with Verizon, the rep sent me one and of course I received it. However, because of my headphone jack problem, they sent me a "new" phone.

    I haven't had any issues thus far and I got the phone on Nov 18th. Let me know if anyone finds a fix without getting a new phone as I'm skeptical that it's gone for good.
  4. 94SupraTT

    94SupraTT Member

    Got my MMS working by doing this...

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM]KaosFroyo V38 [10/28] [FROYO]

  5. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

  6. foodfoodfood

    foodfoodfood Lurker

    HTC Droid Incredible.
    I could never receive MMS on this phone, granted ive only had it for a week. after searching on some other forums i was told to try shutting off my advanced task killer. as soon as i did this it started working again. try it out hope it works for you
  7. dcheinz

    dcheinz Lurker

    Looks like clearing the data under settings/applications/all/messages worked for me, on the incredible
  8. shamus46

    shamus46 Lurker

    Has anybody found a solution yet? I still can't send or receive pics on my HTC Droid Incredible.
  9. kareed11

    kareed11 Lurker

    I was having this problem as well but started to notice that the photos that had a subject downloaded. So just make sure they send the photos with a subject. I tested it. And it worked once the same photo was sent with a subject. :)
  10. ZiggyZing

    ZiggyZing Lurker

    if you guys would like to hear my opinion on what I think, most of you seem to think it's a hardware issue and not a software. What I'm trying to say here is taking your phone back then discovering it's still doing the same thing on a replacement of your phone. And contacting your wireless provider or the phones manufacturer won't help at all (obviously), so it has to be a software issue within the Android OS itself not the hardware the but the Android Operating System (OS) so Google will have to come out with an update that can fix this issue. I am having the same problem but I want to confirm whether or not I can still send or receive an MMS from people on my own network because my friend is on AT&T and I couldn't receive an MMS like some of you I get the "Download Button" and it goes grey after pressing it and either goes back to say "Download" or I get an error message.
  11. mjb34500

    mjb34500 Newbie

    Turning on mobile data networking did the trick for me.
  12. Derek2892

    Derek2892 Lurker

    i had a problem like yours. it would sometimes say download and id try to download it but it wouldnt work. so i just deleted a few messages above it and tried again and it worked. hope it helps
  13. veryblueapple

    veryblueapple Lurker

    I have a droid Eris. I was having the same issue for weeks.

    What I did to fix is rooted the phone using a program from the market that makes it easy. Then I flashed Froyo ROM onto my phone which changes the system (way cooler than stock Eris system). Then there's an option to spoof your phone for MMS to other systems, under custom user agent- such as iphone 3, blackberry 8800, sony ericsson w800i, etc. or you can customize.

    Sorry if this is confusing for some people. I'm not a genius when it comes to phones, I'm a nurse irl. Just start with rooting your phone using a free program in the market. If your phone sucks and you are willing to take the risk of possibly turning it into a brick lol, then do what I did. My phone is once again tolerable and even enjoyable.

    (use google to research what I've described, and you'll get it all squared away).

    Good luck! C-:
  14. churchym

    churchym Lurker

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy SII with Gingerbread 2.3.3 and didn't receive a few MMS's from my wife using an iPhone 3GS, although other people are receiving her pictures.

    I too noticed that when I received pictures that did actually download, there was also text attached.

    Thanks kareed11 :D
  15. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Some people have reported that installing Verizon Messaging from the market fixes this issue. It seems to be only a problem with MMS from AT&T iPhones, though - each of my siblings now have iPhones, with one sister on Verizon, and her MMS photos come to my phone just fine.
  16. churchym

    churchym Lurker

    My wife is on O2 in the UK on a 3GS and can receive my picture messages but I cannot receive hers.

    I thought adding text had fixed the issue, but that was a fluke, it doesn't work again. :mad: + :thinking:
  17. Craigjr007

    Craigjr007 Lurker

    I turned WiFi on then unchecked mobile network and it downloaded
  18. Gjagji

    Gjagji Lurker

    Just to confirm that this worked for me also. I tried for 2 days many recommendations, programs, even checked on MMS platform log files with my colleague that works on it. The communication stacks on the Android phones, because it tries with wrong APN to send/receive MMS. When I declared internet APN as "default", and MMS APN as "mms" it start to work. (Also on HTC desire, wildfire)
    To mention that MMS stopped after I reset phone from Settings/Privacy settings/Factory data reset.
  19. Emmnemms

    Emmnemms Newbie

    I have been having this problem as well on my Droid Incredible. I did the *228 and option 2. Started working immediately... lets see how long it lasts.
  20. m1nstr3l

    m1nstr3l Lurker

    to solve this problem you must switch wifi off and activate mobile network. also it does not matter about how many bars of connection you have as it worked when i had barely one
  21. tjjk4510

    tjjk4510 Lurker

    This just happened to me today. It's extremely frustrating. I haven't used Handcent or whatever it is you're all talking about. I've checked for new software and it sayd no new software update is available. Anyone know how to fix this?
  22. tjjk4510

    tjjk4510 Lurker

    what is *228 and option 2?
    do i call *228?
  23. EGregg

    EGregg Lurker

    Hi, I started to have this problem shortly after getting my new droid charge phone and I read all the postings, but there was no answer for this problem. I went to the retailer and they fixed my problem in 15 mins! I hope I never have this problem again. You have to make sure you have 3G or the 4G on before trying to press the download option, picture will open immmediately. If you have the wifi on like I did, the pictures did not open and it will keep saying downloading but it will not open. I hope this helps with the problems you were having.
  24. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    This isn't always the case - my Eris will always temporarily start 3G to download MMS media when I hit the "download" button, then turn it off when complete. Still, it's a good tip, and thanks for posting.
  25. tsg

    tsg Lurker

    Okay so I think I figured it out. If you go into message settings under mms. There's like auto-retrieve if you turn it off and click download the message should retrieve. It always works for me. I hope this helps y'all. Once you've received your message then you can turn auto retrieve back on and everything will be like normal.:)
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