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On Stock ROM receiving pics or sending is no problem. I have Tried all the Custom ROMS from CM to Broken. When I'm home and connected to Wi-Fi, sending and receiving pictures is a 99% fail, keeps saying SENDING and after a while try again, the 1% sometimes it just send 1 picture no problem. If I disable Wi-Fi then it works. The only workaround I have found in months is to use Textra as my messaging app. Textra has this option in the settings:

Textra Settings > MMS > T-Mobile WiFi Calling Fix

What it does is disable the Wi-Fi for me when I receive a picture or send it. But this is not ideal for me, if I'm in a app that requires data, I would be kicked out to reconnect again.

If anyone could help me fix this thank you.

Here is what I'm running currently, CM 12.1 RC6.
Google Messaging
Tried APN setting, didn't help. Current APN:
Access Point Name (APN):
•MMSC Server:
no proxy


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a while back, textra was my go to app for texting. it was working perfect. i had it set to the same settings as you did. then it stopped working. tried all kinds of fixes and i gave up. im now using yaata sms which works well, sending and recieving texts/pics. i left everything stock, except i ticked on wifi calling fix and changed the option from legacy to system.