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MMS Video not playing!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by galante2123, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. galante2123

    galante2123 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have been reading and searching this forum since I got my Moto Droid. I have yet to find anything on people not being able to view videos received via MMS messaging. I have received 10+ videos from my wife of our 5 mo old daughter and not one of the videos play. She has an Envy touch and the clips are not longer then 15sec.
    She is not the only one I am unable to view either. So far EVERY Video file I have received via MMS I have not been able to see anything but the very first frame. The video just looks frozen and the sound plays in the background. I am beginning to hate this lack of video playback on MMS.

    Any guidance would be awesome!

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  2. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    There is something in this Dec. 11th update notice about MMS and file attachment however the DROID (Android 2.0) is missing some codec support:

    Informative Notifications

    Bluetooth Carkit Compatibility
    The Bluetooth compatibility matrix
    The A855 has magnetic sensors to support operation with car holder and desktop cradle accessories. Holsters and cases that contain magnets are not to be used as they can cause false switches into car or desktop cradle modes. Refer the customer to case SKUs MOTA855CAS and PDASDPCH6.
    Wired headsets have a higher volume than Bluetooth headsets.
    Non-VZW Branded Applications
    Google Maps can take several minutes to display the proper location and may be inaccurate when initially started. Accuracy can be improved by enabling GPS satellites by pressing the MENU button, select Settings, select Location & security settings and then select Use GPS satellites.
    NOTE: Enabling this setting will have a negative impact to battery life.
    11/8/09 - Google Search does not support voice input via Bluetooth headsets.
    11/8/09 - Quick Office supports Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files. Quick Office is included in the device software and will not be removed when a Factory data reset is performed.

    VZW Branded Applications
    Wi-Fi access for Visual Voice Mail is currently not supported.
    Activation/Over the Air Software Upgrades
    Customers moving from a BREW device who subscribe to notifications (alerts) will need to have BREW block enabled to prevent notifications from being delivered to the device.
    The Over the Air software updates will not display the maximum time required.
    When using Factory data reset to initialize the device, it can take several minutes to complete. The reset will complete in the background.
    POP3 Email
  3. Unbeatable

    Unbeatable Lurker

    video messaging is messed up with mine to....the videos that get sent to me dont even play and some pics dont load and i cant send mms to other carriers, att, tmobile.....and guess what.....ive been onthe phone backand forth with vzw tech and moto tech since 11/6......and they either dont know or DO NOT CARE....takin mine back..and going back to my env touch.
  4. galante2123

    galante2123 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    SO the update has been in full swing for a while now and I still am unable to view any video messages sent to my device? What is the deal here? I am not getting abnormally large files from a computer or anything like that. I can not view ANY views small or large sent from anyone. I have tried to open messages from:
    -An LG Touch - 5 sec vid and 15 sec - WILL NOT PLAY
    -An LG 8000 - 5 sec and 12 sec videos - STILL JUST A STILL IMAGE
    -Moto Razr - 7 secs and 16 sec - SOUND BUT NO MOVING VIDEO?

    WHAT THE HELL! Are the masses not having this issue. I have not seen anyone else posting about this anywhere. Is there a fix or am I carring a bad handset because if I have to go to VZW and hear those bone wackers tell me to "Hard Reset the Device" I am gonna hurt someone! That is not going to fix this trust me I have tried already.
  5. MisterEff

    MisterEff Android Enthusiast

    Maybe most people don't get videos and do not notice it, but mine does this too. When I get a video it just shows a thumbnail of the video and the phone acts like the video is playing but it is not. I wish we could see if anyone else is experiencing this.
  6. I just got the Droid this weekend. My friend sent me two videos from my old SD card and they work ok but some jokes I got that I know have animation/video do not work. I'd be interested in how to fix this too. So far the only problem I've had.
  7. ChrisC

    ChrisC Newbie

    Oh man..I have the same issue, I thought I was doing something wrong.

    Anyone with any suggestions?:thinking:
  8. aacanela73

    aacanela73 Lurker

    I am having the same problem with the video messaging. I can't create mms messages with sound in them. You know take a picture and ad a funny sound to it. Does anyone know how to do this??
  9. roberts1012

    roberts1012 Lurker

    IV had my Droid for about 3 weeks, and mine is doing tha same thing and iv tryed everything. What made it hard on me my phone didn't come with a book so I'm running blind
  10. jodonnell915

    jodonnell915 Lurker

    I can't seem to send videos (mms?) to someone else's cell phone...anyone know how to deal with this problem? also when you go to share videos to facebook it won't send. i have to send it via "mail" to the facebook video uploader email address.
  11. DustinO

    DustinO Lurker

    So does anyone know of a fix for why we can't receive MMS Vids? I receive them but it only plays the first 5 seconds of the video then stops. It is getting quite annoying
  12. Slaary

    Slaary Lurker

    My atrix will not let me view videos sent from a iphone 4. It says file too big and then deletes it.

    HDHNTER Lurker

    I am experiencing the same problem. When I send an MMS vid it is converted to a Slideshow on the recipient's end. Running the USC 2.2 Rom on a rooted HTC Desire (Alltel). Has a solution for this issue been found? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. urphonesux

    urphonesux Newbie

    I am also having this same issue. Running DROID concepts v 12. This is disheartening to learn that this phone has been out this long and im just now finding out about the mms problems. My next step was gonna b to flash a new rom tonight but now it seems that im just gonna have to get her a Bionic when it comes out
  15. 4x3combo

    4x3combo Lurker

    I am having MMS issues on my SGS 2 through ATT. My daughter has sent several MMS messages to my wife and me. They are 3gpp files when saved to my card. The video/ sound plays fine on her Captivate (my old phone) while my new SGS 2 will only play the sound. In the messaging thread, only the first frame of video is displayed. I can test send a VERY short mms to myself with success.

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