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Jul 13, 2011
I woke up this morning and found this MMS Wakelock. My data is off overnight but I received a MMS last night. Because my data is off, when I opened my messaging app the received MMS just showed the download button as it usually does with data off. Could this be what caused my wakelock?


I think that might be what could have caused it. Could also be other things. Just monitor the situation and if it does it on a day to day basis, then you might need to investigate further. If it's a one time ordeal, I wouldn't worry.
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This has happened a few times before. Not sure how to go about resolving actually. If this is a result of receiving a MMS with data off then I guess either I keep my data on or I'm SOL. If data being off is not the cause what steps would everyone recommend for diagnosing/resolving this issue?